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This page reflects questions I was asked while running for Alderwoman for the 1st time in the City of St. Ann.

     When I was asked to run for St Louis County Council....

 I just had to ask myself one question and the answer was the same as the 1st time I ran for Alderman.

Yes I am that exhausted by St Louis County politics, that I must take a shot at getting elected and attempt to change its direction. Sometimes governments get so big, they forget that they are put in place to "Serve the People....."

     As I field questions from you the residents, I will place my response/idea's here for all to see. If I get elected into office I will link up City Meeting Notes on my UPDATES page and explain the why's of my votes...Feel free to use my anonymous comment page to express your opinion's, so that I can sync my votes, closer to the wishes of the community.

     I believe the community spoke loud and clear, last March that things St. Ann does to make it's residents feel like they live in a caring, family oriented community are important to them. When they voiced their opposition to the loss of the pool and the Easter Egg Hunt...etc.  As a result, our representatives have indeed begun to Think Outside the Box, holding Glow in the Dark Golf Tournaments, Trivia Nights, etc in an effort to create funds to maintain these family activities within our city.

Your Question's:

I want someone who will Stand up and Fight for what's right for the citizens of St. Ann, are you that person?
Yes, I am.
      Since last March when I ran in the April 2010 election as a Write-In, I have continued to attend the 2 monthly meetings held by the board.
      Here I have spent my time, listening and learning how things work and happen, in St. Ann.
      I developed an email list with some of the citizens who contacted me and gave me their email address and kept them informed of all the notes I took at the meetings. (time is not something all, have to attend these meeting-thus information needs to be available somehow).
     When news of the details of Prop "S" came thru the chamber, I made it a priority to ensure the citizens were informed. I passed out flyer's and attended a citizen's meeting prior to the townhall meeting, where about 50 citizens expressed their concern for finding the extra taxes in these economic times. The mayor and a person from the street dept found out about this meeting and took the lime light from the speaker, when things got out of hand, I spoke out to stop the meeting and address the issues at another time/date. After this meeting, the citizen's received notice of the "townhall meeting". The biggest problem with the bond issue was the wording...there was just no limit at which they could set the tax, to be for 20 years.
     There was another personal issue which came up as a result of my out spokenness, but that has not stopped me from working to make things happen in St. Ann. I knew when I was asked & agreed to run the 1st time, that this could come back at me, 7 months later...
        Keep in mind in the United States...we still have the right to freedom of one can tell you how to think and if they are...use my anonymous contact page, to tell me who did what...documentation is a very important part of doing a job right.

What will you do differently, that will help make our community strong again?
     My belief in the strength of a community, is that it is built through the participation of the citizens who reside within it.
     Call me old fashioned, but when I was growing up my Mom would take us kids with her everywhere. This included school PTA meeting's, City Board meeting's, and shopping of course. Back then when you walked into a school gym/meeting room it was standing room only. Today this is not the scenerio you would find, however much has changed over the last 40 years as well. Families are rarely able to survive these days without a 2 parent income. People have to work a wide range of hours, including evenings and overnight's. As businesses try to profit, their emphasis has had to go away from maintaining the family needs and as costs increase they have had to decrease staff's-so now it has become more important, that people do not miss work as there is no one to replace them, when they are unable to make it. Creating much stress on the average family, as we try to raise our kids, keep our jobs and pay for our houses and bills, clothes, food, get the homework done and keep the kids, busy in extracurricular activities-so they can become the best person they can be-etc....
     Is there any wonder why the Community Involvement of the past, has wondered to the wayside, yet it is one of the most important needs of a successful community.
     As a city we must find a way to reach out to all the citizen's in our neighborhood. Lack of communication with it's residents, has indeed been a contributing factor in the, for lack of a better word-downtrend- of our great city. When people are ill-informed, it leaves too much room for the utilization of rumors and speculation-that is human nature.
     The city has made some adjustments, in the last 10 months that begin to work towards this issue: Terminating the quarterly & expensive "Insight" magazine and replacing it with the Monthly newspaper the "Locolite" which arrives on the doorsteps of every resident in our city already.
     The city website has been upgraded and now reflects the current Budget, Business Listings, Meetings, even the alderpeople have new ways for you to reach them with their very own St. Ann email address, Current Bid Announcements on work to be done within the city are now placed on the website for all to see and have the opportunity to bid on.  a year ago this was not happening, so they are hearing and making changes. So the more the community speaks up to be heard, the better.
   All of these items have caused great speculation in the past. After the meeting on 3/7/11 I am reminded that transparency is also an issue to be resolved. Possibly when bill's are written to be read at the meetings, the entire bill and it's details included should be placed on the agenda, so that there is no question as to what is being passed or failed and this way if the residents have a problem with anything in a bill, they have an opportunity to contact their alder person and let them know how they would like them to vote. And/or require that the bill be read separately in detail at 2 open meetings, a month apart before they are voted on. The issue that presented as a problem for the citizens in this last meeting was a result of lack of transparency, not that they did not feel people should get raises or not, but that had one alder person not had a problem with it, the citizens never would have known it was voted on.
     My intent's in communication are all over this website, you have available to you my personal email, my cell phone (please call after 7pm to help me keep from going over in minutes, & be able to work from 630-6),  this site itself, where I will put updates from the meetings, that we all are truly to busy to attend-I know and understand this, I use to be too busy also. An anonymous comment page-so you don't have to worrying about speaking up and being heard.  I like to walk for exercise, so if you see me walking by or out shopping, wave me down, for a quick word or two.
     Thus by improving the citizens ability to communicate their needs with their city representative, we can improve the long lost community participation in what is going on, to meet the true desire's of the community and not just what the few, may express.

     Our city for some time, has been unsuccessful in attracting major forms of employment for their citizens. Businesses bring tax/licensing revenue to the cities budget as well. The day of Northwest Plaza are long gone and we must be creative, in the methods by which to encourage businesses to return to our region. We have a great location by Lambert Airport and we need to make use of that in our approach. It will be tough, in this economy to make a difference, but a challenge worth the undertaking.
     Again here you can help...
1. Tell everyone you meet what a great place St. Ann is to live.
2. Spend as much of your money as you can here in St. Ann...groceries, gas, pharmacy, taxes, pet supplies, tools, enjoy some of our nicer restaurants, like Omar's, Acapolco Lounge, Piccadilly's...a variety of Fast Food...Entertainment- ABC Ball Park and our own Community Center...etc, etc, etc
3. If businesses see we will spend our money, closer to home, they will want to bring their businesses closer to where the money will be spent. When i worked in fast food- if the community did not support the income needs of the restaurant-the restaurant would eventually close up and re-open in another neighborhood that they thought it might do better in.
4. I "think" in the past we voted thru a special tax to be used to re-build the city...the Economic Fund.  We need to begin to use this fund for this purpose...put together an Economic Improvement Committee-
   a. reaching out to you the citizen's to bring forth your idea's and contacts in the business world.
   b.  currently shawn short has put together a Business Committee for idea's from the businesses.
  c.  to combine the business and community committee 1-2 times/month to review the ordinances of the city and make adjustment suggestions as seen fit/needed-to be presented to the board in the open meetings.
  d.  promote our city-everytime something good or big happens in the city-promote it's Grand Opening--get items in the paper, on the internet, etc...rarely do we hear about any of the good stuff going on in St. Ann.
  e.  businesses, residents and the city need to be on the same page...we are all in it together...additional code inforcement in this economic time, is not the answer...we need businesses here, we need resident's to enjoy living here...does this mean we should not keep our property up-no but we should help each other if we have the knowledge of the need-yes.
   so many of us are already doing just this...
    WHEN YOU ARE DECIDING ON WHICH TEAM TO LET YOUR CHILD/SELF PLAY ON...DO YOU CHOOSE THE TEAM THAT SEEMS TO HAVE ALOT OF FUN TOGETHER--OR--THE TEAM THAT DOESN'T?  to some extent when a business comes to your neck of the woods-they want to be on the fun team, course for them it's to turn a profit, but if it weren't why do it to begin with. same as you and me...we work, to be able to meet our needs and maybe have a little left for savings or fun.

Hi Amy,
My name is ________ and I was born here in St. Ann.  I live in Ward 2.  It's very depressing to sit back and watch this township decline and not be able to do anything about it.  I understand with the loss of Northwest Plaza that we have been thrown into crisis mode and all St. Ann residents are willing to do our part but, just how much are the people willing to sacrafice before they pack and move out. 
I've thought about my own needs here in St. Ann and was wondering if an option for potential revenue would be for the parks and recreation department to deliver mulch to interested residents.  Most residents don't have trucks.  I'd be willing to pay for it and I personally know of twelve other families that would be interested.  
I've read your letter and you sound like an excellent candidate.  I think we need new blood to stir things up a bit.  I'm curious to know your thoughts on the two individuals running for mayor. 
hi ________,

   i have forwarded your suggestion to matt, without your contact info. i think it's a great suggestion myself. i will get back to you with his comments.

my personal choice for mayor, will be decided by which i feel is more business minded.
right now what i feel the city needs is someone who has some insight into marketing, customer service, profit/loss management, and is willing to fight for what they believe in and who has a long term stake in the survival of st ann. we must bring businesses back to st ann, and we must seek out what it was that chased them away to begin with and proceed to reverse those effects.
    a restaurant with a bad rep in the neighborhood will average 2-3 years of great service before it will re coupe it's reputation.
there is a business committee currently that began in 2010, i would like to add some community input to that as well.

    please introduce yourself if you ever see me out and about, whether i get in or not. st ann was always such a great place to live because it was family oriented and the city looked out after it's residents. we need to return to this type of management.

thanx again

I discussed it with Tim and City Attorney Steve Garrett and will place it on next week's Committee Agenda.

We will proposed the Board consider the following should they want to do this:

1) Mulch delivery appointments must be scheduled in advance.

2) Delivers will be made on Saturday.

3) We will need to have a minimum number of deliveries scheduled on a given Saturday to deliver.

4) Mulch will be dumped on driveways... no streets or yards.

5) City crews can' spread the mulch.

6) Cost will be based on insuring recovery of overtime hourly rate for employees involved in delivery and fuel recovery.


This question was pretty straight forward: and so I must be as well.
Are you a Republican or a Democrat?
     I am probably closer to a Republican than a Democrat. But frankly I consider myself a Constitutionalist type. By constitutionalist, I mean that anything we expect the people to have to live by-Should stand up to the Constitution. That is what we are taught in school, even our children cannot graduate High School without passing their Government class, today. Where they are tested on what? - The Constitution.
     "Boston Tea Party" in other words...NO MORE TAXES... let me spend my money-not the government. The Boston Tea Party shows us that when Government gets too big/believes that you should give your money to them in "TAXES", while they make rules for you to follow that they do not necessilary follow, that if the people gather peacefully, together to "Stand Up for their rights and Be Heard by their government" that as a whole we can make change and get them to listen.
   After all when we put people into office at any level of government-they are elected to represent the needs and points of view of all their people, not the few or just what they think is right. Thus here on this website, on the contact page, I leave you with a method by which to send me your idea's, so easily I can represent what you the people desire.
    What best describe's my belief's however is  Free Enterprise that would best describe how I choose to vote:
Free Enterprise: Definition from

n. The freedom of private businesses to operate competitively for profit with minimal government regulation. free-enterprise free ' -en ' ter·prise ' ( frē ' ĕn ' tər ...

 The answer to putting St. Ann's ability to attract business to our city again, lies within this definition above surrounding "free enterprize".    

     If you the customer's are not happy with a business/city, then you don't go back right? You also tell all your friends how un happy you are and they likely tell their friends etc, etc.... before you know it one person's bad experience has been spread to over 1000+ people. In fast food we refer to this as the rule of ten, for every unsatisfied customer they will tell 10, who will tell 10, and so on and so on. In fast food it takes roughly 3 years of consistent, good service/hot food/clean environment before people begin to notice and the store's reputation is repaired.

We have alot of work to do to rebuild the reputation of St Ann...and it all start's with us..the resident's.

    "We the people"; are the regulator's of Free Enterprise.

   My brother would argue, that you need regulation on a larger scale, to protect the little guy from being hurt.

   To that I respond: This is why we have the Judicial System; so that when GREED kicks into the picture, the little guy can fight for their rights given to them through the Constitution (a document that has stood the test of time for over 200 years) allowing us Americans to live more freely than any other country in the world.

     -The judiciary (also known as the judicial system or judicature) is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state. The judiciary also provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes. Under the doctrine of the separation of powers, the judiciary generally does not make law (that is, in a plenary fashion, which is the responsibility of the legislature) or enforce law (which is the responsibility of the executive), but rather interprets law and applies it to the facts of each case. This branch of government is often tasked with ensuring equal justice under law. It usually consists of a court of final appeal (called the "supreme court" or "constitutional court"), together with lower courts.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been out talking to the residents, I find there is much dismay as to how things are done.
There is a growing concern that things are done against the residents vs. for them. Ex: Fence rules, Speed/Red Light camera's, how complaints are handled, Occupancy permit's, loss of businesses-esp NWP, increased taxes, even how the Marshall's on the Golf Course are picked. Resident's are complaining that they have had to take cuts in their daily lives, in pay, in benefits, in furlows, etc...while those who run our city have not. Of course I do let them know that yes any of the new alder people and the mayor's salary have been cut. They seem to think the alder people have benefits as well, but i believe they do not.
    Seem's to me however that here still communication with the people-the resident's that we say we will represent, is the issue. Lack of communication creates room for the rumor mongers to seep in and spread whatever they want, thus it is very important to keep the people informed. Most of our seniors do not have internet, the locolite is a great idea, possibly vs deciding what to vote on a week ahead of the open meeting we could decide a month before what to discuss at the next meeting(unless a quick decision is necessay)-put the agenda into the locolite for people to read and have time to contact their alder people as to how they feel about it. We need to rebuild St. Ann as a city who is about their residents, hire from with in the city where possible, keep them informed...many things are already happening to care for our residents, but they have no idea because the time is not taken to get our residents the information that yes they could attend a meeting to find out about, but in our daily lives do they have time...It's our city-word of mouth-can be our best friend or our worst enemy...what our citizens say about us "is the most important thing that can happen for our city".
   It's time our citizen's speak up and let everyone know what a great place St. Ann is to live...and time our administration, show them why it is.

My Priorities are:

1. To protect the rights of our residents- I Lead the Fight against “Prop S” realizing that a huge tax increase was already coming and that our residents could not handle any further increases in their house payments.

2. Build the city revenue, thru creating an environment in which businesses and residents can live and operate with limited interference.

3. Re-build the reputation of the city as a great place to live, thru community involvement


Hello again,

I have been an Alderman for the City of St Ann for the last 5.5 years. Today I come before you because I am running for the St Louis County Council District 2 seat.

The job of the St Louis County Councilman is no different than the job of an Alderman, just a larger population to serve.

You see the County is merely a Municipality, it is equal in authority to that of the Municipalities under the State of Missouri and its likely one of the reasons when we hear Better Together quote Municipal numbers which keep changing i.e. 91-90-92.

Better Together and a few others seem to not be able to keep any of their numbers straight. Certainly in the case of my City, they get very little right!

Take for example Better Together has stated that in 2013 the City of St Ann collected 37.47% of its revenue in Court Fine revenue.  The inference is made and repeated by some local politicians that it all came from petty “minor” traffic violations and somehow violated state law.  The Missouri State Auditor disagrees with Better Together’s calculations and concluded that 27.8% was the number and was below the amount authorized by state law.  The state auditors also gave the St. Ann Court a GOOD ranking on our accounting/court practices which is the second highest ranking given. Additionally, conveniently left out of Better Together’s “narrative” was the context in which the tickets that resulted in this revenue were written.  In 2013 the City was in middle of a partnership with the Missouri Department of Transportation to lower the number of accidents on I-70 that were a result of speeding.  This effort started in 2010 and by 2013 serious accidents on St. Ann’s portion of I-70 went from 143 in 2009 to 11 by the end of 2013.  Revenue generated by these tickets was used to pay for the overtime for police officers - enforcement efforts.  It was and still is used for paying for School Resource/DARE Officers in Ritenour and Pattonville schools… including 2 at Ritenour High.

Better Together fails to note that in Oct. of 2011 our Board of Alderman took steps to reduce its own government by voting to eliminate an entire Ward, reducing St Ann’s Alderman from 10 to 8 and using the extra dollars to reestablish the St Ann Newsletter, so we could better communicate with our residents. And prior to that in April of 2010 the Board of Alderman voted to reduce its income from $475 to $375 per month.  Presumably, according to Better Together, I make $9000.00/year. Sure wish someone would find that extra $4500.00 for me, it would have come in handy on this campaign. Better Together’s claim that creation of a uni gov brought growth to Indianapolis is very questionable. Just this past July we learned that Indiana did not see business growth till 2013 when they elected a new Governor, who cut taxes. So Better Together’s inability to put out correct information reflects irresponsibility on their part and the part of their sponsors.


District 2’s current County Councilman voted yes on Stenger’s Police Bill without investigating the facts of the Municipal Departments. My residents and my personal experience with our current County Councilman which was non-responsive at best, makes it clear at least to us, that it is extremely important to the welfare of St Louis County that those in charge of the Council today are not the ones in charge next January.

I wish to serve the people as their St Louis County Councilman because I believe that those who govern over us, should be listening to us. This is not what I nor quite a few of my residents have experienced from our current County Councilman. As a matter of fact, I have been attending meetings since October and one time the Council actually told a resident that the Public Speaking portion of their meeting was not to answer questions but only to allow the public to speak.

Just in the last year we have witnessed the County Council pass through the Unconstitutional Police Bill, the Unconstitutional Landlords Bill, and then we have the Senior Tax Bill which though the people do get to vote on this one, it passed without any detailed information on how the tax would be used. Then of course there was the whole debate on the Metro South Extension…I don’t recall being asked for my opinion on it before it hit the news in June. Do You?

Personally I feel there are a number of important ways to invest that amount of money in the County but certainly as a taxpayer would not vote for an extension on the Metro Link until the City and County allow them to have their own Police Force, like UMSL’s so rider safety is properly maintained. For that matter the Council should consider restructuring the next budget and re-prioritizing it, they certainly have some staffing issues that have been coming before the council every month that I have been attending since February.

I for one certainly expect my government to abide by the State Laws and definitely the Constitution, to follow the same laws that Businesses are required to follow and most certainly I expect accountability for the money both incoming and outgoing. I personally emailed the Seniors Count people and the email I received back - stated that they could not find out how the money for this tax would be used.

This November election cycle is critical to St Louis County, and our State, decisions are being made behind closed doors and with a majority vote, predefined Bills are being passed that mandate to the people, some have been deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL. These legislators have the votes, and are not listening to their constituents. I have several residents who never received a response from our councilman on Stenger's Police Bill. And for me to get a response I had to let him know that I would let 13,000 constituents know that he was not responding to their Alderman through a direct mail newsletter the city puts out.

County Councilmen Mark Harder, Hazel Erby and Colleen Wassinger called for an investigation into the April Voting Debacle and a week before it was set to be heard, the Council announced they would NOT be hearing public comments. Not a peep from Dist. 2 on this.

On 8/16, I was informed our County Councilman lead the Council meeting, the Council had 28 speakers and he decided that versus the 3 minutes usually allowed, that he would reduce this amount of time to 1 minute per person. It must have been difficult to take a 3 minute speech down to 1 minute effectively.

Is this the St Louis County Council that you want in place? Mandating, not listening, seemingly not caring what we think? For that matter if this Better Together group should succeed at passing their agendas through, do we really want the people in charge to be those that do not feel they have to answer to the people.

My record stands strong with the citizens of St Ann, ask any of them… I Vote the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, even if I disagree with it.

I not only listen to the people, I ask their opinions publicly on Facebook, through emails, placing information in our local newspaper the Localite…pushing the information out to the public because we all know how busy our lives get while raising our families and working.

Sometimes we are not thinking about politics and need our politicians to push information out to us, I for one did and it wasn’t happening - so while I was not concentrating on the very reasons I moved to St Ann, my mall fell apart and the city around it went into a steady decline. A friend asked me to run for Alderman, my first reaction was “who me?” then, I took a look around my city and realized my mistakes.

I had been active in the schools, Treasurer of the PTO’s for 13 years, active in Church, Club and High School Volleyball which my girls loved but just expected I guess my government around me to do the right things…

Five and a half years later should you choose to visit St Ann you will see a world of difference Economically, Socially and see a Community that works together has been revived.

Have you seen what my City Staff and Board of Alderman has done with the MALL that use to be Northwest Plaza???  The media does not and will not tell you how successful we have been because it does not fit the current agenda… With the help of a great developer Mr. Glarner, our old mall is now on track with a Menards, Rulers, Regions Bank, Raising Cane, Gen 3 Quik Trip, Starbucks, Sprint, Here Today, Bobs Discount Furniture, Charter Spectrum, Charters Training Center as well, The Election Board, Work Force Development Admin and an Assessors Satellite Office, 3-4 Call Centers & our newest accomplishment________________ and called “The Crossings at Northwest”. And yes we have other things going in around town as well…Eagle Bank, Aldi’s, Bus Loop Burgers, and St Louis Black Belt Academy to name a few.

 Are we done, NO but we are on the right track.

This is what St. Louis County NEEDS as well.


Though I am not saying that every municipality will survive, I am saying its survival should be decided by its residents and not someone who projects they know better for us.

Jobs are the answer, people need to feel independent to have hope, a reason to go to school, Jobs in North County have been neglected for 3 decades.

Running our County should be about “WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE, to make St. Louis County a strong and business friendly environment, thus providing JOBS for the people of St Louis County -North, South, East and West while assisting in keeping our County Schools Strong, our citizens Safe, our infrastructure strong, and providing necessary services to the People.”


Hola de nuevo,

He sido un Concejal de la Ciudad de St Ann desde hace 5,5 años. Hoy me presento ante ustedes porque me postulo para el asiento del Condado de San Luis Distrito Consejo 2.

El trabajo del Condado de San Luis Concejal no es diferente que el trabajo de un concejal, sólo una población más grande para servir.

Usted ve el Condado no es más que un Municipio, es igual en autoridad a la de los municipios en el marco del Estado de Missouri y su probable una de las razones cuando oímos mejor juntos citamos números municipales que mantienen a cambiar es decir, 91-90-92.

Mejor juntos y algunos otros parecen no ser capaces de mantener cualquiera de sus números recta. Ciertamente, en el caso de mi ciudad, que reciben muy poco a la derecha!

Tomemos, por ejemplo, mejor juntos ha declarado que en 2013 la Ciudad de St Ann recogido 37,47% de sus ingresos en ingresos Fine Corte. La inferencia se hace y se repitió por algunos políticos locales que todos ellos procedentes de violaciónes de tráfico menores "menores" y la ley del estado de alguna manera violado. El auditor del estado de Missouri no está de acuerdo con los cálculos del Mejor juntos y llegó a la conclusión de que el 27,8% era el número y estaba por debajo de la cantidad autorizada por la ley estatal. Los auditores del Estado también dieron el corte de St. Ann una buena clasificación en nuestras prácticas de contabilidad / corte que es el segundo más alto rango dado. Además, convenientemente dejado fuera de la "narrativa" Better Together fue el contexto en el que fueron escritas las entradas que dieron lugar a estos ingresos. En 2013, la ciudad estaba en medio de una asociación con el Departamento de Transporte de Missouri para reducir el número de accidentes en la I-70 que fueron el resultado de exceso de velocidad. Este esfuerzo se inició en 2010 y en 2013 los accidentes graves en la parte de la I-70 de Santa Ana pasó de 143 en 2009 y el 11 a finales de 2013. Los ingresos generados por estas entradas se utilizó para pagar por el tiempo extra para los oficiales de policía - los esfuerzos de aplicación . Fue y todavía se utiliza para el pago de Recursos de la Escuela / DARE en las escuelas oficiales de Ritenour y Pattonville ... incluyendo 2 en Ritenour alta.

Juntos es mejor no tener en cuenta que en oct de 2011 nuestro Consejo de Alderman tomó medidas para reducir su propio gobierno votando para eliminar toda una sala, lo que reduce el Concejal de St Ann de 10 a 8 y el uso de los dólares extra para restablecer el St Ann Newsletter, para que pudiéramos comunicar mejor con nuestros residentes. Y antes de que en abril de 2010 el Consejo de Alderman votó para reducir sus ingresos de $ 475 a $ 375 por mes. Es de suponer que, de acuerdo con la mejor juntos, hago $ 9.000,00 / año. Seguro deseo que alguien encontraría ese extra de $ 4,500.00 para mí, habría muy útil en esta campaña. Junto mejor reclamo de que la creación de un gov uni trajo un crecimiento de Indianápolis es muy cuestionable. Sólo en julio pasado aprendimos que Indiana no vio el crecimiento del negocio hasta 2013, cuando eligieron a un nuevo gobernador, que redujo los impuestos. Por lo tanto la incapacidad de Mejor Juntos para apagar información correcta refleja la irresponsabilidad de su parte y por parte de sus patrocinadores.

Distrito 2 del actual concejal del condado votó a favor de Bill Policía Stenger sin investigar los hechos de los departamentos municipales. Mis vecinos y mi experiencia personal con nuestro actual concejal del condado, que era no responde a lo sumo, deja en claro, al menos para nosotros, que es extremadamente importante para el bienestar de St. Louis County que los responsables del Consejo de hoy no la están los encargados de enero próximo.

Deseo servir a la gente como su St Louis concejal del condado, porque creo que los que gobiernan sobre nosotros, debe escuchar a nosotros. Esto no es lo que yo ni unos cuantos de mis residentes he experimentado desde nuestra actual concejal del condado. Como cuestión de hecho, he estado asistiendo a las reuniones desde octubre y una vez que el Consejo dijeron en realidad un residente que la parte de hablar en público de su reunión no iba a responder a las preguntas, pero sólo para que el público pueda hablar.

Sólo en el último año hemos sido testigos del Consejo del Condado de pasar a través de la Ley de Policía Inconstitucional, el proyecto de ley Los propietarios inconstitucional, y luego tenemos el proyecto de ley Senior Tax que, aunque las personas no pueden votar en este caso, pasó sin ninguna información detallada sobre cómo se utilizaría el impuesto. Luego, por supuesto era todo el debate sobre la Extensión Sur de metro ... No recuerdo ser preguntado por mi opinión sobre él antes de que llegara la noticia en junio. ¿Vos si?

En lo personal creo que hay una serie de aspectos importantes para invertir esa cantidad de dinero en el Condado, pero sin duda como un contribuyente no votarían por una extensión en el Metro Link hasta que la ciudad y el condado les permite tener su propia fuerza de policía, al igual que UMSL de por lo que la seguridad del piloto se mantiene correctamente. Por lo demás el Consejo debe considerar la reestructuración del próximo presupuesto y modificar las prioridades de ella, que sin duda tienen algunos problemas de personal que han estado llegando antes de que el consejo de todos los meses que he estado asistiendo desde febrero.

Por mi parte, sin duda que mi gobierno para cumplir con las leyes estatales y definitivamente la Constitución, que sigue las mismas leyes que las empresas están obligadas a seguir y con toda seguridad que esperan la rendición de cuentas por el dinero tanto entrantes como salientes. Yo personalmente envié un correo electrónico de Mayores contar a las personas y el correo electrónico que reciba de nuevo - declararon que no podían averiguar cómo se usaría el dinero para este impuesto.

Este ciclo de elecciones de noviembre es fundamental para el Condado de San Luis, y nuestro Estado, se están tomando decisiones a puerta cerrada y con una mayoría de votos, Bills predefinidos se están aprobando que el mandato de la gente, algunos han sido considerada inconstitucional. Estos legisladores tienen los votos, y no están escuchando a sus electores. Tengo varios residentes que nunca recibieron una respuesta de nuestro concejal de Policía de Bill Stenger. Y para que consiga una respuesta que tenía que hacerle saber que iba a dejar que 13.000 electores saben que él no estaba respondiendo a su Alderman a través de un boletín de correo directo de la ciudad pone a cabo.

Condado de Concejales Marcos Harder, Hazel Erby y Colleen Wassinger pidieron una investigación sobre el desastre de la votación de abril y una semana antes de que se creó para ser escuchado, el Consejo anunció que no estará escuchando los comentarios del público. No es un sonido de Dist. 2 en esto.

El 8/16, nuestro concejal del condado conducir la reunión del Consejo, el Consejo tuvo 28 altavoces y decidió que frente a los 3 minutos y generalmente se les permite, que iba a reducir esta cantidad de tiempo a 1 minuto por persona. Debe haber sido difícil de tomar un discurso 3 minutos hasta 1 minuto con eficacia.

Es este el Consejo del Condado de San Luis que desea en su lugar? Los mandatos, no escuchar, aparentemente sin preocuparse de lo que pensamos? Por lo demás, si este grupo mejor juntos debe tener éxito en sus agendas que pasa a través, es lo que realmente queremos que las personas encargadas a ser aquellos que no sienten que tienen que responder a la gente.

Mi récord se mantiene firme con los ciudadanos de Santa Ana, preguntar a cualquiera de ellos ... No voto la voluntad de la gente, incluso si no estoy de acuerdo con él.

Yo no sólo escuchar a la gente, les pido públicamente sus opiniones en Facebook, a través de mensajes de correo electrónico, la colocación de la información en nuestro periódico local de la Localite ... empujando la información a la opinión pública, porque todos sabemos lo ocupado nuestras vidas consiguen mientras que aumenta nuestras familias y trabajar .

A veces no estamos pensando acerca de la política y necesitamos que nuestros políticos para insertar información a nosotros, por mi parte, hice y no estaba sucediendo - así que mientras yo no estaba concentrado en las mismas razones que me mudé a Santa Ana, mi centro se vino abajo y la ciudad alrededor de ella entró en un declive constante. Un amigo me pidió que correr para Alderman, mi primera reacción fue "¿Quién yo?", Entonces, me echó un vistazo alrededor de mi ciudad y di cuenta de mis errores.

Yo había estado activo en las escuelas, Tesorero de la toma de fuerza durante 13 años, vivo en la Iglesia, Club y Escuela Superior de Voleibol, que mis niñas les encantaba, pero sólo espera que supongo que mi gobierno a mi alrededor para hacer las cosas bien ...

Cinco años y medio después, si decide visitar St Ann verá una gran diferencia económica, social y ver una comunidad que trabaja en conjunto ha sido restablecido.

¿Has visto lo que mi personal de la ciudad y de la Junta de Alderman ha hecho con el centro comercial que solía ser Northwest Plaza ??? Los medios de comunicación no y no le dirá cuánto éxito hemos sido porque no se ajusta a la actual agenda ... Con la ayuda de un gran desarrollador Sr. Glarner, nuestro viejo centro comercial está ahora en la pista con un Menards, reglas, Regions Bank, Raising Cane, Gen 3 Quik Trip, Starbucks, Sprint, Here Today, Bobs Muebles de descuento, Carta Spectrum, Centro de Formación Charters, así, la junta electoral, el trabajo de desarrollo de administración de la Fuerza y ​​una oficina satélite evaluadores, 3-4 y Centros de llamada más reciente: accomplishment________________ y ​​llamado "Las Cruces en el noroeste". Y sí tenemos otras cosas que suceden en torno a la ciudad, así ... Aguila Banco, Aldi, hamburguesas Bus Loop, y San Luis Negro Belt Academy para nombrar unos pocos.

¿Hemos terminado, no, pero estamos en el camino correcto.

Esto es lo que el condado de St. Louis necesidades también.

Aunque no estoy diciendo que cada municipio va a sobrevivir, estoy diciendo que su supervivencia debe ser decidido por sus residentes y no alguien que los proyectos que ellos saben mejor para nosotros.

Los trabajos son la respuesta, la gente necesita sentirse independiente para tener esperanza, una razón para ir a la escuela, puestos de trabajo en el Condado del Norte se han descuidado durante 3 décadas.

Ejecutar nuestro Condado debe ser de "trabajar por el pueblo, para que el Condado de San Luis un ambiente agradable fuerte y de negocios, lo que proporciona puestos de trabajo para la gente de San Luis Condado -Norte, Sur, Este y Oeste mientras que ayuda a mantener nuestro Escuelas del Condado fuerte, a nuestros ciudadanos, nuestra infraestructura fuerte, y la prestación de servicios necesarios para las personas. "

Mexican Spanish by Speak & Translate

Hola otra vez, he sido regidor de la ciudad de Santa Ana para los últimos 5 5 años hoy vengo ante ti porque estoy corriendo para el asiento del Consejo de Condado de St. Louis Distrito 2 el trabajo de la St Louis County Councilman no es diferente que el trabajo de un regidor, a una población más grande para servirle a usted ver el condado es simplemente un municipio , es igual en autoridad a la que de los municipios en el estado de Missouri y su probable uno de los motivos cuando escuchamos juntos mejor citar números municipales que me cambian e 91-90-92 mejor juntos y algunos otros parecen no ser capaces de mantener cualquiera de su recta. Ciertamente en el caso de mi ciudad, consiguen muy poco derecho! Tome por ejemplo mejor junto ha señalado que en 2013 la ciudad de Santa Ana recogió 37 47% de sus ingresos en Court Fine ingresos la inferencia está hecha y repetida por algunos políticos locales que todo vino de infracciones de tránsito "menor" mezquinos y de alguna manera la ley estatal viola el Auditor del estado de Missouri está en desacuerdo con el cálculos de mejor conjunto y concluyó que 27% 8 era el número y estaba por debajo del monto autorizado por la ley de estado los auditores del estado también dieron Santa Ana de la corte un buen ranking en nuestras prácticas de contabilidad/corte que es el segundo más alto rango dado. Además, convenientemente dejado fuera "Narrativa" de mejor juntos fue el contexto en el que las entradas que dio lugar a estos ingresos fueron escritas en 2013 la ciudad, en medio de una alianza con el Departamento de Missouri del transporte para reducir el número de accidentes en I-70 que fueron el resultado de este esfuerzo de aceleración, empezó en 2010 y 2013 accidentes graves en la parte de Santa Ana de I-70 pasaron de 143 en 2009 y 11 a finales de 2013 Ingresos generados por estos boletos se utilizaron para pagar el tiempo extra de policías - esfuerzos fue y todavía se utiliza para pagar la escuela recursos oficiales DARE en escuelas Ritenour y Pattonville... incluyendo 2 Ritenour alto. Mejor juntos no se tenga en cuenta que en octubre de 2011 nuestra Junta de regidor tomó medidas para reducir su propio gobierno al votar para eliminar a toda una sala, reduciendo el regidor de Santa Ana de 10 a 8 y utilizando los dólares extras para restablecer el St Ann Newsletter, así que nos podríamos comunicarnos mejor con nuestros residentes y antes de en abril de 2010 la Junta concejal votó para reducir sus ingresos de $475 a $375 por mes probablemente , según mejor juntos, hago $9000 00/año que desea alguien encontraría ese extra $4500 00 para mí, él habría venido práctico en afirmación de esta campaña mejor juntos de que la creación de un uni gov traído crecimiento a Indianapolis es muy cuestionable. Justo este pasado mes de julio nos enteramos de que Indiana no vio crecimiento hasta 2013 cuando eligieron a un nuevo gobernador, que incapacidad de impuestos mejor juntos para poner hacia fuera correcta información refleja la irresponsabilidad de su parte y la parte de sus patrocinadores Distrito 2 actual Condado concejal votó sí en el proyecto de ley de policía de Stenger sin investigar los hechos de los residentes municipales departamentos de mi y de mi experiencia personal con nuestro actual concejal del condado que no responde en el mejor , deja claro al menos para nosotros, que es extremadamente importante para el bienestar del Condado de St. Louis, que los responsables del Consejo hoy no son los que en el cargo el próximo enero. Deseo servir a las personas como su St Louis County Councilman porque creo que quien gobierna sobre nosotros, debería estar escuchando a nosotros esto es lo que yo ni muchos de mis vecinos han experimentado desde nuestra actual Condado concejal como una cuestión de hecho, yo he estado asistiendo a reuniones desde octubre y una vez que el Consejo realmente dicho residente que el hablar en público parte de su reunión era no contestar preguntas, pero sólo para permitir que el público hablar. Sólo en el último año hemos sido testigos de la pasada Diputación a través de la inconstitucional ley de policía, la ley inconstitucional de los propietarios, y luego tenemos la factura de impuestos Senior que aunque la gente llegar a votar en este caso, pasó sin ninguna información detallada sobre cómo se utilizará el impuesto entonces por supuesto todo el debate sobre la extensión de Metro sur... No recuerdo que piden mi opinión sobre él antes de lleguen las noticias en junio. ¿Es usted? Personalmente creo que hay un número de maneras importantes para invertir esa cantidad de dinero en el Condado pero ciertamente como un contribuyente no votaría por una extensión en el enlace de Metro hasta la ciudad y condado que puedan tener su propia policía, como de UMSL tan seguridad jinete se correctamente mantiene de hecho que el Consejo debería considerar la reestructuración el próximo presupuesto y volver a priorizarlo , que sin duda tienen algunos problemas de dotación

Dear Residents of St. Louis County District 2,

Every time we are asked to go out to the polls to Vote we are given promise after promise.

Then we are typically disappointed. Today I come to you like others before me, asking for your Vote.

My promises are simple:

  • My Votes will protect Residents, Businesses and Municipalities from Government Intrusion.
  • I will Research and push to restructure the Budget - my experience as an Alderman for 5.5 years and a Restaurant Manager for 23 years will come in quite handy here.
  • I will Work to bring JOBS to St Louis County as I have for the City of St Ann. Have you seen the construction at “The Crossings of Northwest” this year?
  • I will listen to your views, opinions, frustrations and needs,
  • I will VOTE AGAINST “Better Together” ensuring Parkway, Pattonville, Hazelwood, and Ritenour remain under Local Control. As well as the Fire Districts, Police Departments and Local Governments and their Services to the People.
  • The job of the County Councilman is no different than that of an Alderman in my city, just a larger scale of population.
  •  It should be about “WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE, to make St. Louis County a strong and business friendly environment, thus providing JOBS for the people of St Louis County -North, South, East and West while assisting in keeping our County Schools Strong, our citizens Safe, our infrastructure strong, and providing necessary services to the People.”

A VOTE FOR AMY IS A VOTE TO PREVENT “BETTER TOGETHER”, if you prefer “Better Together” vote for my opponent, he will vote that through for you.


Amy Poelker




This is the Letter I wrote 6.5 years ago to my residents while running for office as a Write In. I didn't win this round but received 144 votes and only lost by 34 votes to the incumbent.



       I would like to introduce myself, I am Amy Poelker. I have lived in Saint Ann for (as of April)- 18 years now. We have seen Mayors and Alder people (pc) come and go.

Over the past 18 years, our fair city has been subject to a steady decline. Versus coming up with innovative and creative ways of bringing in new businesses into our great city, we have chosen the path of increased rule making, creating an environment in the city that pushes small and big business alike away from our town.

       The last thing I want to do, is try to fool you. I have never wanted to run for public office. I do not try to pretend that I have the experience and knowledge in my background of just what it takes to make a city great. I do have management experience on the restaurant level for 23 years. So I understand what it takes to write and meet a budget and that if the money is not there, you should not spend it. I also understand that when you make your representatives available to new ideas, there are indeed residents in our community who can help come up with ways, to make our city great again. Have no doubt however; it will take involvement from all of us, to do this.

      So you have to ask yourself, why someone like myself would then bother to send out a letter to you today? Well, I just could not stop myself…when I received a letter in the mail myself that had promised me that everything that had been done in the city to this point was done to protect the voters, and that we were represented by a progressive government to look out after us and make things happen for us. Well I just had to ask myself, what in the last 5 years has been done, for the voters. Do they know what the word Progressive describes them as?    

     America’s Progressives aimed for a thorough transformation in America’s principles of government.  While our founders understood that our national government must have the capacity to be strong and vigorous (this is why the Articles of Confederation were failing), they also were very clear that this strength must always be confined to very limited ends or areas of responsibility; government, in other words, while not weak or tiny, was to be strictly limited.   

     The Progressive conception of government, on the other hand, was quite the opposite; Progressives had an “evolving” or a “living” notion of government (yes, we get the term “living constitution” from the Progressives), and thus wanted government to take on whatever role and scope the times demanded.  The Progressives reasoned that people of the founding era may have wanted a limited government, given their particular experience with George III, but they argued that people of their own time wanted a much more activist government, and that we should adjust accordingly. 

     Quite simply, the Progressives detested the bedrock principles of American government.  They detested the Declaration of Independence, which enshrines the protection of individual natural rights (like property) as the unchangeable purpose of government; and they detested the Constitution, which places permanent limits on the scope of government and is structured in a way that makes the extension of national power beyond its original purpose very difficult.  “Progressivism” was, for them, all about progressing, or moving beyond, the principles of our founders.   

      If you are asking the question, why is this the first I have heard of Amy Poelker? Then I will tell you that it is because I have led a quite life in our city. I do not want to be, beholding to anyone, for being elected to office here in St. Ann, except you the voters. Most of our representatives go to the businesses and residents with influence and power, in our town and ask for donations, to pay for their campaigns. I did not want to go that route, because then our elected officials are bound by an unwritten code of ethics to consider the needs of those that contributed to their campaigns 1st above us the residents.

       I have been involved over the past 11-12 years in our schools PTO’s, Buder Elementary and Hoech Middle School, as treasurer. I have been a volunteer coach with the CYC for the last 7-8 years and upon request, took the initiative to begin and put in place a Select Volleyball Club, designed to be affordable for the residents in our area, for the last 3 years and began and organized the RHS Volleyball Booster Club. I have 2 daughters 16,13 and a very supportive husband of 17 years now. When I was younger, I lived in St. Ann with my best friend and her husband. He is still a St. Ann Police Officer. I was a concession cashier of the old Airway Twin Drive-In, now our Shop-N-Save. Many of our police officers were security of the drive-in way back then and worked hard, to earn the positions they have now.

          If you are looking for something different, in our city government, then feel free to write-in my name on the ballot box. There will be no box to check with my name next to it. As I said above, it was not my original intention to run.  Remember also what I said, our city government will need you to help make us great again, whether you choose me or not. How you ask?

      Word of mouth, the greatest sales technique of all, tell everyone you meet how much you like living in Saint Ann, how good the school districts, police forces, fire rescue and businesses really are. Let us bring “Community Pride” like “School Pride” back into the picture, attend our meetings-bring your ideas and methods of how they can be inserted into our community. If we cannot afford to run the pool and community centers, maybe we should rent them out as other communities do, to more than just our residents. Versus canceling the Easter Egg hunt maybe, we should see if the parents in the community would donate candy as an entry fee, that is what our Pto’s did to hold fall parties at the schools. Possibly the businesses that donate all the cool prizes, could donate the Easter eggs instead. Nobody said it had to be the best Easter Egg hunt in the country, just a place where the residents could get together and meet at something fun to do. Why not bring family and friends as long as they contribute candy and eggs? Why cancel all the other fun things, St. Ann does for the kids? Instead, make them volunteer oriented. Many of the local churches hold these fundraising events, if all we have to do is offer a park or community center and hold the dates, then these still can be valid events in our community. If a charge is necessary, to hold a spot then let’s keep em reasonable, this way we can still have these get together’s and with community involvement they can be even bigger and more profitable. St. Ann then stays a fun community to reside in, do business in, and visit.

       Obviously, many things need to be done to take our city forward, but we need people in office who will think outside the box, to accomplish this. Look very carefully at what has taken place so far in our community, decide for yourself if the people in office now, keep you happy or need to change because they are not. A lot of people move to other cities, to fix their concerns, in reality and to save the huge house payments, all you really need to do is get involved and take a stand on the day you get to vote and tell the people in office now whether you are happy with them, or not.

         If not vote them out.


Thank you for your time in reading this,

Amy Poelker  (314)-517-2378

This is what residents had to say about me
They passed it out in my 1st election.
EMAIL Amy click here

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 Zoo Member, NRA, KCU, St Ann Alderman in 5th Term - Unopposed last 4 runs, USAV, AAU V, Operation Graduation, Pride & Promise, SAPA, SABA, Ran as a Candidate for St Louis County Council-got 41% of vote. RLAC & Ritenour Parent Advocacy Committees.

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