Why Amy?

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As for Why Amy today - 2019...

You will not find a stronger fighter for you the resident, as proven through my past performance in my 8 years as an Alderman. Unopposed since my 1st Election in 2011.
I did run as a Write-In in 2010 and though I lost that attempt, I received 144 votes and was a mere 37 away from a win.

I played a leading role in the Fight Against Better Together's Statewide Amendment to Merge St Louis City with St Louis County. I have followed their work since 2013. Thankfully we Won that battle, but they are already attempting to work a new way to make their ideas happen.

I played a role in getting the Westlake Landfill Cleaned Up, though there is still the Ground Water issue to deal with.
For me it started in Jan of 2015, when a 7.5 mile Pipeline was run through all of our municipalities, without informing us as to why...
My township Committeeman asked me to speak on this topic, which gained his interest and he held our next meeting at a Westlake Meeting. At that point he used his influence with Roy Blunt to get the process started to get this issue solved. Roy Blunt got SB2306 passed, the EPA forced to address. I also spoke before the EPA and led the rally to get others to email/speak. Amongst many other things between now and 1/1/15.

Then there is Economic Development, aside from St Ann's Successes, I assisted and continue to assist Dan Buck's PowerPlex project. Though this project will not be located in my city, it is of huge importance to North County and frankly the entire Region. It's Economic Impact will be huge to St. Louis County as a whole.

Everything below this point is from my Councilman run in 2016, left here for transparency.


Let me just add this

Imagine for a moment you bought this home in the established area near Parkway North HS in Unincorporated St Louis County .
Area homes are worth 200,000 - 500,000 at least until St Louis County started replacing and repairing sidewalks with Asphalt!

Wonder how home sales will be in the area when enough of these asphalt sidewalk repairs have been done.
We recently found a home for our oldest, certainly if she had had a sidewalk outside her home that was repaired with asphalt we would have told her to look for another home.

Is this a symbol that money in St Louis County is not being used properly?
Is this what future infrastructure repairs are going to make the County look like?
Why choose asphalt versus the Concrete?

County can and should do better for its Unincorporated Residents!

My residents in the City of St Ann, certainly would not stand for this, they would rather it not be done versus done to look cheap.

And what's up with this Sewer Lateral Problem, resident stated STL County is pouring something into the hole to fix it, I have never heard of this solution.....hmmmm

Vote 4 Amy Poelker on AUGUST 6th and have a County Council Person who will be engaged in your communities and look out after your best interests...

$200-$500,000 Homes and StL Cty fixed like this?
I would never have voted to do this, it must affect home values




And what's up with this Sewer Lateral Problem, resident stated STL County is pouring something into the hole to fix it, I have never heard of this solution.....hmmmm

StLCty is pouring What in hole 2 fix Sewer Lateral

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 Zoo Member, NRA, KCU, St Ann Alderman in 5th Term - Unopposed last 4 runs, USAV, AAU V, Operation Graduation, Pride & Promise, SAPA, SABA, Ran as a Candidate for St Louis County Council-got 41% of vote. RLAC & Ritenour Parent Advocacy Committees.

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