Why Amy?

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As for Why Amy today - 2019...

You will not find a stronger fighter for you the resident, as proven through my past performance in my 8 years as an Alderman. Unopposed since my 1st Election in 2011.
I did run as a Write-In in 2010 and though I lost that attempt, I received 144 votes and was a mere 37 away from a win.

I played a leading role in the Fight Against Better Together's Statewide Amendment to Merge St Louis City with St Louis County. I have followed their work since 2013. Thankfully we Won that battle, but they are already attempting to work a new way to make their ideas happen.

I played a role in getting the Westlake Landfill Cleaned Up, though there is still the Ground Water issue to deal with.
For me it started in Jan of 2015, when a 7.5 mile Pipeline was run through all of our municipalities, without informing us as to why...
My township Committeeman asked me to speak on this topic, which gained his interest and he held our next meeting at a Westlake Meeting. At that point he used his influence with Roy Blunt to get the process started to get this issue solved. Roy Blunt got SB2306 passed, the EPA forced to address. I also spoke before the EPA and led the rally to get others to email/speak. Amongst many other things between now and 1/1/15.

Then there is Economic Development, aside from St Ann's Successes, I assisted and continue to assist Dan Buck's PowerPlex project. Though this project will not be located in my city, it is of huge importance to North County and frankly the entire Region. It's Economic Impact will be huge to St. Louis County as a whole.

Everything below this point is from my Councilman run in 2016, left here for transparency.

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I want to take a moment to THANK ALL OF THE MUNICIPAL MAYORS AND COUNCILMEN…for allowing me to sit in on their meetings. I have learned SO MUCH FROM ALL OF YOU, on the various ways we all run our Cities. I have truly enjoyed my time Campaigning and getting to know part of the County Better.

For those whose doors I was unable to make it to, please give me a call if you would like me to stop by still before the election……314-517-2378.

The job of the St Louis County Councilman is no different than the job of our Municipal Councils, just a larger population to serve. Approximately 1,000,000 people “to serve.” That is a lot of people’s lives to affect without asking their opinions or taking them into consideration when they do - give them to you.

My Opponent is not Engaged in his Communities… even Mayors and Councilmen have told me of their concerns that he has either never been to a meeting before or they haven’t seen him since he announced he was their Councilman.

Maybe if my opponent had taken the time to get to know and understand how Municipalities work, and maybe if he had listened to his Constituents when they came to meetings, or at minimum returned a phone call or email when sent…. he could have made better choices….

    • INSTEAD….

      My Opponent voted YES on Stengers Police Bill without investigating the facts of the Municipal Departments. Without listening to the people say NO! we DO NOT like your bill DO NOT pass it. Please see my website at www.amypoelker2.com for the details and facts on this bill. Stengers Police Bill was meant to take away your Police Department and replace it with the County Police. I have spoken to many of you while knocking on doors in the Municipalities, I have not run across any residents who do not like their Police Departments. Though the court has deemed this bill UNCONSTITUTIONAL, my opponent still voted to fight it through the Missouri Supreme Court.

      My Opponent also voted YES on the Landlord Bill, which when designed literally made YOU THE PARENT- A LANDLORD WHEN YOUR KIDS MOVED BACK IN WITH YOU, requiring a NEW OCCUPANCY INSPECTION, thus the requirement to UPDATE YOUR HOMES TO 2016 CODES…imagine how much that would cost YOU in your more Senior Years, when you are trying to save for retirement!!! Yet another bill deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the court that my opponent voted to continue to fight at the Supreme Court level.


      My opponent also voted for the Senior Tax that we will be voting on in Nov.

      I want you to look into this tax thoroughly, as it has no defined method by which the money will be spent. I emailed a representative of the organization sponsoring the tax and she could not find out how it would be spent. Personally I would never put through a tax if I did not know how it would be used.


      My opponent has made the decision to cut public speaking time from 3 minutes to 1 minute on more than one occasion after determining there were too many speakers to listen to during Council sessions. Their Charter states you will get 3 minutes to speak.            One session when they seemed tired of listening to a gentleman who is deaf, they made the decision to cut him off at the 2 minutes that was allowed during that session. ADA requires the Council to give extra time in these circumstances. My opponent remained silent on this you would think since he is a Dr. that he would have stepped in to defend this seemingly wrong action. 9/13

                      If you review the meeting from Oct 4 on You Tube you will see me speaking out against their silencing of the people after I discovered a PDF on their website that stated people would get 5 minutes to speak.

      The Council held a public meeting on the April Voting Debacle, however again a week before the meeting the Council Announced they would not be hearing public comments during this meeting…One time the Council actually told a man that they are not here to answer his questions but only to allow him to speak. When my residents tried to contact Sam about the Police Bill Sam never returned their emails or calls and for me to get a reply in my 2nd request I had to threaten to tell 13,000 residents in the City Newsletter that hits every door in St Ann that he would not respond to their Alderman either.

Too often I find that Politicians think it's so important to have some new law that they can tell their constituents that they are responsible for in order to feel like they have accomplished something while they are in office.

My opponent just created a new law (T21) that sounds good on the outside yet if you see through the limelight, literally becomes just another law to JAIL people and FINE them to make more Revenue for the County, on the backs of the residents and businesses. How will the County Prosecutor ever be able to Prosecute a 16-20-year-old as an adult for a crime, when his County Council – spearheaded by My Opponent, just created a law which basically states 18-20-year old’s are not adults and are not old enough to be allowed to make a decision for themselves.

But most importantly we have to ask ourselves...Since those 7 members on the Council represent a million people...instead of presuming they know better, for the people---Shouldn't they have asked their constituents what we want on this matter before bringing it to a Vote of 7? or better yet this one was big enough to at minimum put to a vote of the population. At least through a population vote, we would know that the people wanted this and not just the council.

I believe we need to rebuild and restructure the County’s budget so that wasteful spending is eliminated and the County’s infrastructure and personnel are reinvested in.


You see in my own City of St Ann, I have already seen and been through many of the things that are happening in the County today. The County’s revenue is declining as businesses choose elsewhere to locate like St Charles or Jefferson County.

They may or may not see this coming – But this is what we experienced with the loss of Northwest Plaza, they say History Repeats itself if we are not watching                - instead of Thinking Outside the Box to do something about it, they cover it up with Grandiose Spending - Millions of Dollars on a Soccer Field, 3 Million for a Metro Link Study which if built would again take Millions if not Billions of our tax payer dollars. Etc., etc.…

Money is being spent like there is no tomorrow, NO ONE is accounting for the future Maintenance and Repairs of what we have now more or less new things.

How will these items be paid for? What are their plans to maintain and repair the infrastructures? Grants? That is not a solid plan, it’s a plan to take more of our tax dollars because that’s what Grants are, like the Arch tax, currently our Municipalities get grants for parks through the Arch tax. The County seems to pass many Grants…

You do not buy a home or a car without realizing you have to set aside money for the furnace, a/c, water heater/water pump, driveway, exhaust or brakes which will all need replacement or repairs someday…but this is what our County Government is doing, all the while the County Streets are in desperate need of repair, Employees have gone for 8 years, 7 years, 5 years without a raise while other higher level positions are seeing huge increases and positions that are not needed are being created.

So they are losing Employees, in the news on 9/19 Chief Belmar said he was losing officers on the average of one/week. Trust me I worked as a Fast Food General Manager for 23 years…Training is very expensive, MORE expensive than giving the employee the raise they deserve to keep them and let them know their work is appreciated. Government fails to hold itself to the same standards businesses are held to.

I wish to serve the people as their St Louis County Councilman because I believe that those who govern over us, should be listening to us. This is NOT what I or quite a few of my residents have experienced from MY OPPONENT.

Sometimes we are not thinking about politics and need our politicians to push information out to us, I for one did and it wasn’t happening - so while I was not concentrating on the very reasons I moved to St Ann, my mall fell apart and the city around it went into a steady decline.

Today you will see we have turned St Ann towards success again….


Jobs are the answer to St Louis County’s future success, people need to feel independent to have hope, a reason to go to school, Jobs in North County have been neglected for 3 decades by the Council, it’s time to change that, while working on the whole, as well.


***** Running our County should be about “WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE, to make St. Louis County a strong and business friendly environment, thus providing JOBS for the people of St Louis County -N, S, E, W while assisting in keeping our County Schools Strong, our citizens Safe, our infrastructure strong, and providing necessary services to the People.” *****


ELECT AMY POELKER NOVEMBER 8th for County Council to show Sam Page you did not Appreciate his bill and

Return your Voices to the County Council!


To be clear, I am AGAINST the City/County Merger so if that is something you would like to see happen MY OPPONENT would be a better choice for you.


Let me just add this

Imagine for a moment you bought this home in the established area near Parkway North HS in Unincorporated St Louis County .
Area homes are worth 200,000 - 500,000 at least until St Louis County started replacing and repairing sidewalks with Asphalt!

Wonder how home sales will be in the area when enough of these asphalt sidewalk repairs have been done.
We recently found a home for our oldest, certainly if she had had a sidewalk outside her home that was repaired with asphalt we would have told her to look for another home.

Is this a symbol that money in St Louis County is not being used properly?
Is this what future infrastructure repairs are going to make the County look like?
Why choose asphalt versus the Concrete?

County can and should do better for its Unincorporated Residents!

My residents in the City of St Ann, certainly would not stand for this, they would rather it not be done versus done to look cheap.

And what's up with this Sewer Lateral Problem, resident stated STL County is pouring something into the hole to fix it, I have never heard of this solution.....hmmmm

Vote 4 Amy Poelker on Nov 8th and have a County Council Person who will be engaged in your communities and look out after your best interests...

$200-$500,000 Homes and StL Cty fixed like this?
I would never have voted to do this, it must affect home values




And what's up with this Sewer Lateral Problem, resident stated STL County is pouring something into the hole to fix it, I have never heard of this solution.....hmmmm

StLCty is pouring What in hole 2 fix Sewer Lateral

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About Me

Why Amy?

Thank you for considering a donation to my Campaign for St Louis County Councilman in District 2.
Please review my website to determine if I am the right Candidate for you.
You will find I am a straight shooter and will often Communicate through Social Media and Email Lists to stay in touch with your opinions on items I am voting for. Just ask my Mayor/City Administrator
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