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Michelle Bachmann,
the average american, in my area will make 30-40k/household, my opinion of the economy issues look like this: Gas prices are the problem...let's look at this situation-avg household 2 cars, lets say both have 15gl tanks and the avg fill up rate is 4.5x/month...currently here that's 3.45 x (15*2) =103.50 x 4.5/mtn = 465.75/mth x 12mths = 5589.00 per year/household....now we all have to get to work, take our kids to school, dr, etc...so if we own a car we are gonna put the gas in it, we have to. those that take the bus are paying these prices anyway and just don't realize it.
     now i imagine gov. regulations have a lot to do with the price of gas, corporations have to meet regulations on all levels-gas,co 2, etc...those regulations hit the consumer in price increases and the employment levels in labor cuts, so companies can make the profit needed to satisfy the investors. even our utility companies pass on the fuel costs to us, all the companies do.
     if we make 40,000.00/yr -5589.00 gas - 9600.00 groceries - 12000.00 house - 4056.00 utilities(does not include cell phone, phone, or cable) = 8755/12 = 729.58 -16% of 40000.00=2355.00/12=196.25 per month to aid in economic stimulation as you see clothing and extra curricular activities, city & county taxes... are not included in these numbers nor are any habits some american have such as smoking etc...no money for teaching the kids sports for scholarships-heck who had money left over to save for college? and of course school lunches, school supplies, etc. oh and lets not forget that the 16% of that is fed/state spent, yet they cannot manage a budget but expect us to.
      i wonder how many americans were forced to "charge their gas", to get to work, running up the credit cards. stretching the budgets in payments getting larger, having to decide food or gas, clothes or gas, house or gas(to get to work), etc. is it any wonder that the housing market crashed, and when banks were given enough time to change all the rules before that lovely credit bill went through...people with fixed interest cards saw their interest go up, people with 782 credit ratings saw their interest go up and cards cancelled.
     how funny was it that right before the nov 2008 election gas went down to 1.50/gl, why that was 2430.00/ year. and now we expect it to hit 4-5 dollars/ at 3.45 the economy cannot take it.
     seems to me like a whole lot of america's problems could be solved by eliminating a lot of silly regulations, departments that have too many employee levels in gov. who need something to do to look productive, so they come up with all this junk, re-open off shore drilling, utilize our own resources, stop the spending, and take care of american's 1st. when we are on top of things then we can take care of other's in the world.
     and yes i am surviving all this ok,  but many of my neighbors are not-it is they, that i make this point for.....GAS PRICES ARE REFLECTED IN EVERY PROBLEM IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW, IT SHOULD BE A PRIORITY, NOT MAKING GREEN CARS TO GET AROUND THEM.

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