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Jack Rehagen Municipal Pool

Jack Rehagen Municipal Pool
3311 Ashby Road

Manager: Elizabeth Vorbeck
3311 Ashby Rd.
St. Ann, MO 63074
(314) 423-6655

Memorial Day, May 28
Independence Day, July 4
Labor Day, September 3

11am - 7pm
11am - 5pm
11am - 7pm


            (Adults 18yrs & Older)
Signs in whirlpool area reflect Health Department
guidelines but are not part of our policies.
May 26 - September 3
Monday - Friday            9am - 7pm
Saturday                        11am -7pm
Sunday                          12pm - 7pm


May 26 - June 3aindoorpool.JPG
Monday - Friday

10am - 12pm
12pm - 7pm
11am - 7pm
12pm - 7pm
Adult Swim ONLY
Open Swim
Open Swim
Open Swim
June 4 - September 3
Monday - Thursday


10am - 12pm
12pm - 6:30pm
10am - 12pm
12pm - 7pm
11am - 12pm
12pm - 7pm
Adult Swim ONLY
Open Swim
Adult Swim ONLY
Open Swim
Open Swim
Open Swim


May 26 - August 14aapool.JPG

Monday -  Saturday
11am - 7pm
12pm - 7pm
August 15 - September 2
Monday - Thursday        
  4pm - 7pm
11am - 7pm
12pm - 7pm

NOTICE: Facility will CLOSE at 3:00pm on June 12, 26 and July 10 due to home swim meets.


All residents 3 yrs and older must present a current St. Ann Privilege Card when entering the
facility to receive resident prices. Non-residents must be with a resident to use the outdoor pool, unless they have purchased a non-resident outdoor membership. Residents MUST stay with
their guests. Children 8 & under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian 16yrs or older.

Proper Swim Attire Required:

Swim suit required: (Underwear is not considered lining). 
Appropriate body coverage must be maintained at all times.  No street clothes, cut-offs,
shorts, biker shorts or nylon basketball shorts, ect.  No leotards or workout suits. 
White T-shirts may be worn due to sunburn.  Water shoes can be worn only if they have not
been worn as street shoes.

Swim Diapers

In an effort to keep our pools free of fecal matter, babies and toddlers are required to wear
swim diapers. This is the safest barrier between your child and the water. These guidelines have
been adopted for the health and safety of all swimmers at our facility. For your convenience,
swim diapers are available for $1.50 at the front desk. Thank you for your cooperation.

Open Swim Fees:
No Refunds Given
Children (2 yrs and Under)
Youth (3 to 17 yrs)
Adult (18 to 61 yrs)
Senior (62 yrs and Up)

 Non Residents:


Membership information:

  • Purchase at the pool.
  • Summer memberships begin Memorial Day and expire Labor Day.
  • To receive a resident membership, everyone 3 yrs and older must have a valid Parks
    and Recreation Privilege card. All privilege cards must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • To receive a non-resident membership, each member must be present at time of purchase
    for photo I.D.
  • Family memberships include up to 4 family members. Must be immediate family only, living
    in same dwelling. Example: Husband/Wife, Son/Daughter. Each additional person is:
    Res. $10.00 / Non-Res. $20.00
Membership cards must be left at the front desk upon entering facility and picked up
when leaving.

Resident Memberships
Resident Family Summer 
Resident Individual Summer
Resident Senior Couple
Resident Senior Individual

$  75.00
$  60.00
$  40.00

Non Resident Memberships
Non Resident Family Outdoor 
Non Resident Individual Outdoor
Non Resident Senior Couple
Non Resident Senior Individual

$  80.00
$  60.00

Unallowable Toys & Inflatable Devices
Hard dive sticks, rafts, tire tubes with valve showing, nerf-rubber-plastic-foam splash balls,
water guns, hard rubber torpedoes.


Rules For Water Slides


        Children must be at least 48” tall

        Children are measured and given wristbands that are a questionable height

        People wearing swimsuits with metal zippers, rivets, snaps or buckles will
not be permitted on slides

        People wearing watches, necklaces, and other jewelry must take them off before
riding slides

        Goggles, masks, water wings & lifejackets are not permitted on slides

        Must be able to swim unassisted

        Listen to all Lifeguards instructions

        Feet first only, laying on back, arms crossed over chest, legs crossed at ankles


n the event that an electrical storm is in the area, the outdoor pool will be closed. This closure is
an effort to make our facility a safe environment. It will remain closed until 20 minutes after the
last sound of thunder or last sighting of lightening.
Refunds will not be given due to bad weather.

*  Feel free to contact the pool facility for further information and details such as pool
hours, classes, special events, holidays, etc. Also, see Parks and Recreations Program
Guide located in the community center lobby or the pool lobby.

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