Amy Poelker St Ann Ward 2 Alderman 2011- Present


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Really the only Question is -

Do you want someone who will seek and vote your opinion?


Or do you want someone who believes you vote for them because of their opinions and does the thinking for you?

     We saw through the Better Together Merger Debacle, that when Politicians think they know better for us...the outcome is not good for the people and very profitable for the Politicians.


I am the Candidate that listens to their constituents, no matter the party politics and will vote what the people want, just ask my current Mayor.

In 2016 I ran for County Council, not much has changed, except the person I am running against.

They still have Budget Problems that must be resolved, they are still trying to tell landlords how they can run their properties, with Clancy's New Bill and Infrastructure that needs to be addressed. Their attempts to use Prop P for anything but Police are a slap in the face to all of us who voted for this to go to the Police.

41% of you Believed in me in 2016.

     Please review my Accomplishments since at and remember…


Amy is the Candidate that with the help of the many, in her Stop Merger LLCs., TEAM...


WON THE BATTLE AGAINST BETTER TOGETHER on their City/County Merger Amendment!!!


Where were my opponents during this time? Who will keep you informed on this and fight with you to stop it – Amy will.


We have returned St Ann's Economic Growth not just at the Crossings but throughout the city as well, Reduced its Unemployment by 6%, The average income has risen from 37,000 to 44,000, Property Assessments are up, up, up, plus in 2018 we were voted 7th Safest City in the State and St Ann is the 17th most diverse city in the State.

More Accomplishments are linked on my website.


Today I can say St. Ann is indeed on its way to recovery, we may still have much more work to do, but thanks to the involvement of its dedicated citizens we have seen much success. Now I would like to take my experience and continue my work to help all of our communities at a greater level. This is where County has failed us to date.


I don’t pretend like I know exactly what to do, but I will continue to use my past experiences and your advice/questions/concerns-to guide my way thru it. I will not be a politician. You cannot say one thing and do another in my book. And if I don't know something, I am not afraid to admit it, but I will follow up with someone that does know the answer.

A good leader does not need to know all the answers...but they do have to know how to find them. I was once afraid to coach volleyball, I knew how to play it, but not coach it. One of St. Ann's prior swim coaches taught me how to coach it, and that led to me having my own club...


St Ann and I have worked together for the last 8 years, looking back at where we started, and seeing where we are now…. it’s happening in St. Ann!


I hope I can gain your support and the support of others, in my work towards the future. I will aggressively work with both parties to push thru the success of the entire must happen NOW; this next election is very important to District 2 and St Louis County as a whole. We must bring jobs and families back to our region.


Thank you for your consideration,




Led the Fight against the City County Merger

2019 - In January, Better Together announced their plan to place a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in November 2020 to create a new Metro City form of government which would in the end ELIMINATE municipal governments by merging St Louis City and St Louis County. As shown above I have been involved in this since 2012. When the MML voted to use the Freeholders Method in the current MO. Constitution I held Petition signings on Feb 9,19 March 19 as well as spoke at meeting in Overland on the Amendment and what it did and Petitions signed there. In total I turned in 22 pages of Petition signatures for the Freeholders Process. Which led to 2 public speaking events at Ritenour High Schools Auditorium on March 15 and April 1st for residents to learn about the amendment and sign petitions. Have met a ton of resources through this fight and most recently was invited to a Kirkwood Meeting to assist. Am running Statewide ads on Facebook and Blipboard ads to work to reach outstate MO. with our message of DO NOT MERGE US.

On May 6th Better Together withdrew their petition to Force a Merger of St Louis City and St Louis County. We WON...the battle, though I fear the War is still at hand.

My Accomplishments as your Alderman here

St Ann was 7th quite an accomplishment in Safest Cities

Niche Ratings

Fox 2 News Showcase

2019 Combined Funds Draft Budget Workbook

Downloadable pdf City Events and Important Numbers 2019








How to read the Monthly Percents for Tracking +/-

The Crossings at Northwest

8 years ago, St Ann didn't even have a developer for this location.
   The Glarner's are St. Louis people and have done a great job turning this location around.
I continue to be grateful for their work and sacrifice in helping St. Ann move forward again.

Property 5 in St Louis Area
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Thanks Rich

Municipal Division Work groupFinal report to Supreme Court 3 1 16

Judge sides with St Louis County Munis on SB5

Stenger's Police Standards Ordinance Judges Final Order ie: Not Constitutional

picture links to an article see me on right
12/1/15 this mayor is a true leader

1st Speech on Stenger's Bill
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1st Speech on Stenger's Bill pg2

My 2nd Speech on Stenger's Bill


To be clear on the Westlake Landfill issue.... I do not appreciate the government allowing this pipeline to be run through my city, and especially that they felt it was not necessary to inform local government of what they were doing.

I personally feel that the responsibility for this nightmare lies in the hands of the Federal Government which created the Uranium issue to begin with by not properly disposing of the materials and not informing the public of what they had been exposed to.

Ultimately I feel it is the Federal Government who should own up to their responsibility and create a safe environment for the citizens to live and work within.

My work on Westlake Landfill

Summary Opinion on Westlake Landfill Letter

St Ann only had one Siren and it was located off Adie Rd. too far for our residents to the North and East to hear at all.

Demand For Weather Radios Spike After Recent Storms

Posted on: 8:56 pm, March 1, 2012, by , updated on: 09:28pm, March 1, 2012


The demand for weather radios in St. Louis has taken a dramatic spike.

‘We`ve had more interest in weather radios in the past 5 days then we have in the previous five years,’ said Frank Blair, Schnarr`s Hardware.

The demand came after a FOX 2 Stormfest special and following the damage from twisters that hit southwest Missouri and southern Illinois this week.

Schnucks stores plan on receiving new shipments soon and will call any customers with rain checks to let them know when they arrive.  Schnucks is donating $2.50 to the Salvation Army for every weather radio sold.

Jeff Branneky owns Branneky True Value Hardware store in Bridgeton.  Many of his customers were victims of the Good Friday tornado from 2011.

‘There`s more of an awareness this year because of what happened last year,’ said Branneky.

The weather radios can sound when a tornado warning is issued in your county.  The warning sirens St. Louis County recently updated are designed to be heard outside and not necessarily inside.

St. Ann resident Amy Poelker is upset because she feels the sirens should be louder.  She can`t hear them where she lives on Mary Ann Ct.

‘It`s a public safety issue,’ said Poelker.  She took her concerns to her elected leaders and St. Louis County listened.

A new siren will be installed near her neighborhood.  St. Louis County is adding 11 additional sirens after receiving feedback from residents.

Poelker just worries about the residents without weather radios.

‘I don`t want everybody in this area winding up like Joplin.’

NOAA Weather Radio Could Save Your Life



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 Zoo Member, NRA, KCU, St Ann Alderman in 5th Term - Unopposed last 4 runs, USAV, AAU V, Operation Graduation, Pride & Promise, SAPA, SABA, Ran as a Candidate for St Louis County Council-got 41% of vote. RLAC & Ritenour Parent Advocacy Committees.

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