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2018 BUDGET Page 220 Overview of Project 2012-2016

Fox 2 News Showcase

Here I want to inform you of some of my accomplishment’s over the last 8 years 2011-2019 as the Ward 2 Alderwoman of the City of St Ann.


  • Assisted in the Creation of our City Animal Adoption Program. i.e. - Myself and 2 other Alderman Sponsored and pushed the program through the Board of Alderman https://www.facebook.com/St.Animal.Pet.Adoptions
  • And on Sept 10th of 2016 the First Dog Swim at our Pool took place, this satisfied 3 years of pushing.
  • 2015/2016 Fought side by side with Municipal Mayors and Police Chiefs at the St Louis County Council Meetings to prevent Government Over reach by St Louis County Council…our own Councilman Sam Page voted to take away your Police Department.  http://www.kmov.com/clip/12043856/st-louis-co-adopts-county-wide-police-standards-over-objections-of-some-mayors
  • Result the Missouri Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional for St Louis County to enforce their standards over municipalities.

As a result of SB5 & SB572 and especially the new court mandates set by the courts, a million dollar loss in revenue made it clear that if we are to maintain our current level of policing we would have to be willing to pay for it. The BOA voted to put that question to you the voters in April 2017. The result of that vote was 61% yes. Thank you for supporting our Police Dept.

  • I Negotiated a 2.5% SAVINGS for the City of St Ann SENIORS on their Trash bill above their 10% off, for years 2015-2020.
  • 2017 City received an A2 Moody Rating, praising the cities sound financial management.
  • Requested and Held a Public Forum on the Westlake Pipeline built thru our cities along St. Charles Rock Road. https://youtu.be/dXfiy7Fn6g4 and introduced my Airport Township Committeeman to the topic which in turn brought Senator Roy Blunts participation and a Bill before the Senate s2306 which passed. Also informed Dawn Chapman that Maria Chappelle Nadal was one of Bridgeton’s Senators and would be a good source for bringing attention to the issues of the Westlake Landfill. These actions led to action by the EPA to remove the waste from Westlake Landfill, on March 6, 2018 I spoke before the EPA, to remove all of the waste to ensure the safety of future ground waters as there were 2 Semi Trucks buried in the 70’s about 50’ down. Initiated the investigation in St Ann on this topic. The landfill in 2018 is under direct authority of the head of the EPA Scott Pruitt, now. https://youtu.be/-OfzM5eiHNc
  • Fundraisers for citizens in need ie; Women whose wrist was broken in a robbery on Ashby, 2015 Christmas Eve Fire, Family run over on the sidewalk by the Heroin overdose, St Damian Fire, another Ward 3 Fire.
  • Continue to Fight Against the City/County Merger push...They are pushing for One School District similar to Chicago's which is 70 million in the RED, One Police Dept., One Fire Department, One Parks Department, One Streets Dept., One Executive Office/Mayor. They expect us to believe this will be less expensive but have left out information that differs from their agenda as seen here. http://citiesstrong.com/studies/  where 589 Million was left out of their study of Indianapolis versus St. Louis. Have you seen the condition of St Louis Cities infrastructure? Many of the muni’s have Services that St Louis County does not offer those would be lost. Your Government is only as good as the people in place. Current leadership would suggest that costs are unlikely to reduce/remain reduced. When the city took over their police dept. from the State of Missouri they claimed the citizens would see a 6 Million Dollar Savings…Current leadership is also NOT LISTENING to the people, as a matter of fact in one ST Louis County Council meeting they told a gentleman that speaking before the Council was only to be heard…NOT for them to answer his questions. http://nocofoshojrvbc.tripod.com/amypoelker/id75.html
  • Currently have a poll running on Facebook throughout St Louis City and St Louis County to determine whether or not the citizens of these two regions desire to merge or not. Poll result was 57% against. Even after Better Together and St Louis Strong asked their followers to vote in it.
  • Active member of the Economic Development Committee where in 2012 we successfully gained a Developer for Northwest Plaza now called “The Crossings at Northwest”. Current new businesses are Menards, Rulers, Regions, Raising Canes, Generation 3 QT, Sprint, Here Today, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Starbucks, Charter Spectrum and their Training Center, Election Board, Work Force Mgmt., and a Satellite Assessor’s Office, Cricket,Cardinal Health Care, 3-4 other Call Centers in the 500 Building, First Watch, Value City Furniture, American Family Insurance, Save A Lot Corporate Office and more to come ___________ and in other areas of St Ann, IE; Aarons Rent to Own, St Vincent Depaul, Family Dollar, Bus Loop Burger, Dollar Plus, SABA Pet Store, Brooks Bible College, Aldi’s, St. Louis Black Belt Academy, ATA Tae Kwondo, Caterer, Vape Shop, Oriental Dr, 3-4 Hair/Nail Salons, another Dance Studio, Dollar General, Waffle House, We Rock the Spectrum-Kids Gym.
  • 2012 Fought successfully to get St Louis County to add a 2nd Tornado Alarm Tower to the City of St Ann, we could not hear the one alarm placed on the east side of St. Ann. http://fox2now.com/2012/03/01/demand-for-weather-radios-spike-after-recent-storms/
  • Created the St. Ann Business Association,  https://www.facebook.com/St-Ann-Business-Association-202804379876362/
  • Assisted citizen Maurice Gayden in his fight to Save our St. Ann Quik Trip, though we lost this battle originally, we won in the end when our Quik Trip returned shortly after.
  • Before I got in office I assisted an Alderwoman Sherry Hoffman in her fight to prevent Prop S, a street prop that would have had St Ann residents paying to fix city streets for 20 years, so that by the time they were paid off…they would need to be fixed again. We successfully defeated this Prop. It has recently been replaced with a TDD, ensuring revenue for street maintenance into the next 40 years in our business district and not a property tax.
  • In 2017 the residents decided NOT to do a City-wide TDD to solve all the Street, Sidewalk, Trees maintenance issues into the future. We must seek alternative methods to fix our roads.
  • Suggested and BOA agreed to a Street Committee to review our Budget for areas to cut, to move towards street work. I was given Lead on this, requested 2 residents per ward. 8/28/17 On April 23rd, 2018 we had our 1st meeting.
  • Assisted the St Ann Business Association in establishing their “Food Truck Events”. Most recently attained City Sponsorship for the Event. and here in 2017 the Parks Department has adopted the Event to combine it with their Party in the Park Events in Tiemeyer Park for a Grander event plus of course Combining it with their Halloween Event in October. https://www.facebook.com/events/474164286127957/
  • Actively involved with the Ritenour School District, thru PTO & Volleyball, School Board meetings & the Ritenour Legislative Advocacy Committee. http://www.ritenour.k12.mo.us/pages/Ritenour_School_District/Community/Legislative_Advocacy_Committee and the Ritenour Parent Advocacy Committee in 2018, https://sites.google.com/ritenour.k12.mo.us/ritenourparentadvocacy/home
  • Pushed and improved communication between the City and its residents. Re Establishing the St Ann Newsletter, You Tube Meetings to begin 8/7/17, Pushing information out to the residents through self paid articles in the Localite Newspaper which hits every household in St Ann, engaging in Facebook & Twitter with the residents and maintaining an Email list that I send out to residents information who are not on Social Media, pushed and continue to push for City Website improvements, pushed successfully to get the city to create or improve use of Facebook Pages to reach out to residents for better communication with them ie - St Ann Neighborhood Watch, St Ann Parks and Recreation, St Ann Golf Course, Jack Rehaegan Pool. Moved to have the residents view the Entire Agenda Packet for our meetings so they could see expenses, revenues and bids etc.
  • Actively Market all Community Events on Email, Facebook, Twitter, Peach Jar, Nextdoor… to get the word out as far as possible
  • With the aid of my partner Aldermen, pushed through the repairs of the Livingston & Wright Park Playground.
  • Analyze and Question the City’s Budget and Financials monthly.
  • Pushed to bring the cities Technology use up to date. Currently we accept credit at the Community Center with Golf, Pool and City hall to follow.
  • Currently on the Mayors Golf Course Task Force.
  • Work with neighboring cities
  • 2011 reopened the cities swimming pool, summer camp, St Ann Days and put the Easter Egg Hunt back in place after they had been ceased due to budget restraints in 2010, which were solved through fundraising efforts like Trivia, Mouse Races, and Glow Golf. (Thinking outside the Box)
  • Aside from the St Ann Business Association, I walk the Business Corridor to ensure they are informed on major events within the city.
  • Attained the Businesses Benefits through use of our Community Center, Golf Course and Swimming Pool as a Corporate Membership
  • 2014 assisted a resident with a Christmas Caroling project, about 25 residents sang on 2 evenings.
  • Very active member of our Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Fought for but lost the battle to allow residents to have chickens in the city. In 2018 assisted Alderman Murphy with a re-initiative on the Chicken Ordinance.
  • Fought successfully to add a Hamm Radio system to our community Emergency response systems. Because as of 3/1/16 after 2 tornadoes we still had NONE.
  • Assisted my partner Alderman in her fight for a Sidewalk along Wright Ave for public safety. Yet to be installed.
  • 2016 assisted in securing the future of our Parks Dept. thru Prop R the results of which may also be tracked through the Parks Board notes http://stannmo.org/130/Parks-Recreation
  • Fought to get the street St Gregory Court properly named on the St Louis County mapping system, as residents had trouble receiving mail, packages and even pizza delivery.
  • 2016 Christmas Lighting Contest
  • Resolution of the City of St Ann against a Statewide vote on a City/County Merger.
  • Reduced unemployment in St Ann from 9.2% in 2012 to 6% in 2016
  • Solved a Street Light issue at 10800 block of St Francis, through Ameren Rep.
  • Reduction in Resident Rates at Tiemeyer Pool from $6A/$5C Seniors $3 to $4A/$3C and Seniors FREE
  • Updates to the Animal Code esp ADA.
    • Outsourcing of Grass Cutting of residential violations, which allows city to accomplish the cutting faster and at the bid price vs a $500 fine.
    • Trash receptacle responsibility converted to Owner of property vs resident of occupancy.
  • 15/16 Sent entire City Code to Constitutional Lawyers to review and update Constitutionally and to ensure matches State Codes.  


 We used Federal Grants to Renovate:
Industrial Drive - 2010
Ashby Rd Bridge - 2011
Breckenridge - 2012/13ish
Ashby 2018
Old St Charles Rock Road - 2019
And the next and Last available Federal Grant to apply for is for
Wright Ave.
These were all typically Million Dollar streets which the Federal Grant pays for 80% of, leaving the city to pay it's 200,000.00.
Also with $150,000. unused in St Louis County's CBD Grant by homeowner's where we dedicated the money for the last 7 years, we have
redirected those dollars for the renovation of St Shawn, St Linus, St Matthias, St Leonard over the next 4 years. No worries the $150,000 is still available and if the monies get used up we can redirect back to homeowners yearly.


Start up Member of Parent Advocacy Committee with Ritenour School District

We used Federal Grants to Renovate:
Industrial Drive - 2010
Ashby Rd Bridge - 2011
Breckenridge - 2012/13ish
Ashby 2018
Old St Charles Rock Road - 2019
And the next and Last available Federal Grant to apply for is for
Wright Ave.
These were all typically Million Dollar streets which the Federal Grant pays for 80% of, leaving the city to pay it's 200,000.00.
Also with $150,000. unused in St Louis County's CBD Grant by homeowner's where we dedicated the money for the last 7 years, we have
redirected those dollars for the renovation of St Shawn, St Linus, St Matthias, St Leonard over the next 4 years. No worries the $150,000 is still available and if the monies get used up we can redirect back to homeowners yearly.

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