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Election Announcements, Candidates, Issues....

If you have recently moved or someone in your household will turn 18 one month prior to the election you may need to register or reregister to vote.  It is easier than ever to register now that the Secretary of State has instituted on line registration.

Absentee Ballot Applications can be found on this link when they are available.

Reasons for Absentee Voting

I expect to be prevented from going to the polls on Election Day due to (check one):
___ Absence on Election Day from St. Louis County
___ Incapacity or confinement due to illness or physical disability, including caring for a person who is incapacitated or confined due to illness or disability
___ Religious belief or practice
___ Employment as an election authority or by an election authority at a location other than my polling place
___ Incarceration, although I have retained all of the necessary qualifications for voting
___ A member of the U.S. armed forces in active service or a dependent, or spouse
___ A civilian employee of the U.S. government working outside the United States
___ A registered voter in _______________ County, Missouri, and moved from that county to St. Louis County after the 4th Wednesday prior to this election
___ A former resident of Missouri and authorized to vote for federal offices by federal law

Absentee Voting Applications will be up on June 21st for August and Sept 27th for November, as they become available. Then if you qualify under one of the above reasons all you will need to do is download the application, fill it out and send it to the address on the form.

Seniors Count Tax Website click here - PLEASE check into this tax thoroughly before you vote. With no stipulations on how the money can be spent in the wording on the leaves this tax open to being used however the County sees fit.

 to locate your own Tax Chart go to

put in your School District for a general average.

Current St Ann Tax Rates

Composite Tax Rates:  127 - RR - 2015
Taxing AuthorityRes.Com.Agr.Per.Man.
State of Missouri0.03000.03000.03000.03000.0300
County General0.20600.20500.17900.20900.2090
County Health Fund0.13800.13700.12000.14000.1400
County Park Maintenance0.04900.04900.04300.05000.0500
County Bond Retire0.01900.01900.01900.01900.0190
Roads and Bridges0.10300.10300.09000.10500.1050
St. Louis Community College0.21760.21760.21760.21760.2176
Special School District1.23481.23481.23481.23481.2348
Metropolitan Zoo Museum District0.27770.27770.27770.27770.2777
County Library0.24600.25900.23900.22500.2250
School - Ritenour5.69305.64200.00005.01265.0126
Metropolitan Sewer District0.08760.08760.08760.08760.0876
Sewers - Cold Water0.10000.10000.06800.10000.1000
Fire - Community2.05002.05000.00002.05002.0500
City of St Ann0.51500.48000.00000.19300.0000
Sheltered Workshop0.08800.08800.07700.09000.0900
Total Tax Rates >>11.054710.97972.682710.04139.8483
Additional Charges *
Commercial Surcharge$1.70
Sewer Lateral Fee$10.00

Agr. = AgriculturalCom. = CommercialMan. = Manufacturing
Per. = Personal PropertyRes.  = Residential 

* Additional charges are not calculated in the total tax rate.
Per one hundred dollars of assessed value.

Kids Lesson on No Taxation without Representation

Local August Primary Candidates

EMAIL Amy click here

Municipal Links to their Website and Services




The Constitution Center - Constitution Page

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