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Demand For Weather Radios Spike After Recent Storms

Posted on: 8:56 pm, March 1, 2012, by , updated on: 09:28pm, March 1, 2012


The demand for weather radios in St. Louis has taken a dramatic spike.

‘We`ve had more interest in weather radios in the past 5 days then we have in the previous five years,’ said Frank Blair, Schnarr`s Hardware.

The demand came after a FOX 2 Stormfest special and following the damage from twisters that hit southwest Missouri and southern Illinois this week.

Schnucks stores plan on receiving new shipments soon and will call any customers with rain checks to let them know when they arrive.  Schnucks is donating $2.50 to the Salvation Army for every weather radio sold.

Jeff Branneky owns Branneky True Value Hardware store in Bridgeton.  Many of his customers were victims of the Good Friday tornado from 2011.

‘There`s more of an awareness this year because of what happened last year,’ said Branneky.

The weather radios can sound when a tornado warning is issued in your county.  The warning sirens St. Louis County recently updated are designed to be heard outside and not necessarily inside.

St. Ann resident Amy Poelker is upset because she feels the sirens should be louder.  She can`t hear them where she lives on Mary Ann Ct.

‘It`s a public safety issue,’ said Poelker.  She took her concerns to her elected leaders and St. Louis County listened.

A new siren will be installed near her neighborhood.  St. Louis County is adding 11 additional sirens after receiving feedback from residents.

Poelker just worries about the residents without weather radios.

‘I don`t want everybody in this area winding up like Joplin.’

NOAA Weather Radio Could Save Your Life


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Chapter 89Zoning and Planning
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Chapter 91Municipally Owned Utilities
Chapter 92Taxation in St. Louis, Kansas City (and Certain Other Cities)
Chapter 94Taxation in Other Cities
Chapter 95Financial Administration and Indebtedness
Chapter 96Municipal Health and Welfare
Chapter 98Courts and Attorneys
Chapter 99Municipal Housing
Chapter 100Industrial Development

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