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I had the opportunity to walk areas of Ward 2, with an Ameren tree supervisor and some residents, in the course of this walk he did find things he needed to take back to his men for correction, however I learned there are many things “we can do” to keep the power on as well. I could write a book with what I learned that day, but here are a few vital things that we can do to help ourselves.

   **Did you know that if you call Ameren out to inspect any trees around their power lines that they will remove the tree entirely if it is within a 10' radius of the power line itself?  But they need your written permission......CALL TO ASK......IT'S NO CHARGE....we already pay for that in taxes/charges.

     Fallen trees and branches are one of the primary causes of electric power outages. To minimize the likelihood of safety hazards and power outages, trees and vegetation must be kept clear of electric power lines.



      **In the case of the easements between the fences in your backyards, ” like the picture above residents need to be aware that the city does not supply clean-up for these. Easements are the responsibility of the resident. When left in disarray these easements can harbor many health for rats, mosquito breeding ground, and power loss, guess where kids like to play when they are out and about with their friends.....

      **As the helicopter seedlings fall from our trees yearly, it is a good idea to walk your yard especially around the fence lines to ensure these will not see growth in your yard.

SECTION 520.010:     YARD FENCES  D.     The owner of a fence is required to maintain the growth of weeds and grass between, beneath and adjacent to all fences to a height not exceeding nine (9) inches.         (if the posts of the fence are inside your yard, you are the owner of the fence)


Managing Trees Near Transmission Lines 


**Ameren continually manages vegetation on its transmission rights-of-way to provide safe, reliable electrical service while maintaining, and, where possible, improving wildlife habitat within the rights-of-way.    


  The Zoned Approach**Ameren takes a "zoned" approach to managing vegetation both under and to the sides of high voltage transmission wires along our transmission rights-of-way.
  Wire Zone**The zone directly beneath and 20 feet beyond the wires is called the "wire zone." It is managed to encourage low growing plant species with a mature height of 10 feet or less. If the wire is less than 30 feet off the ground when loaded, the zone should be maintained as grass.
   Border Zone**The border zone, when present, is an area from the wire zone to the edge of a maintained right-of-way or easement. In general, this area is limited to plant species that have a mature height of less than 20 feet. Any tall-growing trees or vegetation in the border zone will be managed to obtain appropriate clearances.

For an inspection of your tree and line situation, call:
*****Missouri: 800.552.7583

****Reminder, that the Beautification Committee has a group of volunteer’s that can aid those unable, who have No One to help them maintain their yards/easements.

Please contact either myself at 314-517-2378, your alderman, or City Hall to get added to this list for assistance at 314-427-8009.

****If you would like to become a volunteer on this project, again please contact one of the above to be added to the volunteer list. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE J




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