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Questions and Answers View on Prop S 2017 Please pay particular ATTENTION to the last Question and Answer where you have it in writing that the previous TDD will be eliminated as soon as it pays itself off at which time the sales tax will be reduced by .75


Discussion page for TDD to solve the Street, Sidewalk and Tree Maintenance Issues of the City of St Ann.

Drive like your kids live

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Dear St Ann Residents,
     As many of you are aware, I fought alongside the ladies in 2010/2011 against Prop S which was a Property Tax of 9.4 million dollars to fix our city streets. At the time homes were being foreclosed on left and right, and our greatest asset Northwest Plaza had been lost with no hopes of resurrecting the city’s largest revenue source. Thus, leaving the brunt of the cost on the backs of the Homeowners. Many of us were either elderly or out of work, or had to take jobs that did not pay as much while companies laid off their full-time workers to meet new regulations. A property tax for this amount of money would have had to have taken 20 years to pay off, which also meant we would still be paying off the debt when the streets would need to be redone again.
     As a Board we have been looking for a solution to this problem ever since.
Most importantly with the Revival of our largest Business District now called The Crossings at Northwest as well as a few other newer businesses throughout the city. There is something we can do now with your permission through a Vote of the people. It’s called a Transportation Development District.
     A TDD is a sales tax, through a Sales Tax then EVERYONE who visits one of our businesses, so Everyone who drives on our city streets would do their share to pay for the rebuilding and maintenance of our city streets.
As some of you are aware of my thoughts on taxes, again I will explain why I put this vote in your hands.
* Four years ago when we made the deal to get the Anchor store for the Crossings, the city rolled back its tax rate by .5%.
* Our streets and sidewalks are in great disrepair, I have attached supporting documents below in this email.
***** EVERYONE and not just homeowners will contribute to fixing our city streets.
* This is the last portion of the puzzle to fix in regards to correcting the lack of foresight that our great mall might fail someday, so money should have been put aside for maintenance/repairs of our infrastructure into the future, versus the spend at will of the past without worry towards the future.
     As a reminder the Third Tuesday of each month I hold a meeting for your questions at the Community Center at 7pm, I hope to see you there for all and any questions on the Why's and How's of this TDD.
 Alderman Amy Poelker

     PS- Our staff can only handle about a million in repairs a year, the 2018/2019 repair projects attached below cannot take place without this TDD, the order of the projects to complete the city will be determined by a combination of cost, need and manpower but all streets will get done as seen in top picture on this email and this link to the TDD resolution on my website. See pages 11-29 for TDD info



These are projected only samples, when money is not available these streets can not be completed. For the most part the city only has about $300,000/ year to work with right now.




These are projected only samples, when money is not available these streets can not be completed. For the most part the city only has about $300,000/ year to work with right now.

Plan has changed from this pic

These are projected only samples, when money is not available these streets can not be completed. For the most part the city only has about $300,000/ year to work with right now.

Plan has changed from this pic





Payken TDD Presentation pgs 10-46

What is a TDD?

See pages 11-29 for TDD info

Video Examples Pear Tree, Country Club, Wright Ave, St Gregory, Shamrock, St Joachim, St Cecelia, St Shawn and its roads within the P, St Jerome
June 3, 2017 2pm









Accomplished through the Rock Road TDD 2014

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