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I am creating a New Email List that is easier to share with your family and neighbors
to keep you up to date on things that are happening in our city.
Fyi my previous email list is no longer working so,

If you would like to stay up to date on things happening in St Ann...
Know that I will keep you informed and ask your opinions through this Email Method.
You are not required to add your name should you wish to remain anonymous


Want to help attract businesses to our city but don't quite know what to say....
Here is an example of something I put together
    make sure you copy and paste the link as well it goes to the cities pdf for businesses with all the info they would need to consider.

Dear _______________________,

Have you thought about the benefits of expanding near the airport?

St Ann would be a great location in-between both St Charles County and St Louis City and just across the street from Lambert International Airport.

With our renovation of our mall businesses are finding it has been well worth their time and money to invest here.

Starbucks opened with its strongest open on June 15th and Raising Canes now open a year still toting its highest volume restaurant in the region, at The Crossings of Northwest, which has been renovated to entertain half business and half retail. Even Aeneas Williams (Previous Rams Player) is placing his church into our old Toys R Us building and Charter Spectrum, the St Louis County Election Board plus other call centers are located right here. This model promotes success as the business employees tend to supply the retail/food businesses, we have found that our anchor store, Menards-attracts from a 20-mile radius. The traffic counts on our main strip, St Charles Rock Road (Mo180) are up, up, up! We have two great school districts Ritenour and Pattonville (top 20 in the State).

St Ann, is a Gem in a Central Location of the region. Located just off Highway 70 at Cypress Rd and just 5 min from the Airport we are literally just 20 minutes from anywhere in the St Louis/St Charles Region. St Ann was built in the early 40’s right after WWII by the Vatterott’s and the Schraeder’s. Many of our original home owners still reside here in St Ann. In 2018, we will celebrate our 70th Anniversary. Our city hosts many events, including in September the St Ann Days and Parade. We find the Parade is a great way to promote FREE Advertising for our Businesses to the residents

  • Six Beautiful parks well maintained,

  • A strong police force in place to ensure safety and security with a 2-minute average response time. Here in St Ann you will often see people walking for exercise or walking their dogs.

  • Our own St Animal Pets Adoption Program, with a large group of volunteers which prides itself in maintaining our no kill shelter.

  • Just elected as Missouri’s 4th POW-MIA city.

  • Both of our School Districts have strong teachers doing great work and are seeing an influx of kindergartners at the start each year, requiring them to get creative in adding classrooms.

  • Our Board of Alderman are innovative and regional thinkers ready to take on your project with an open mind and assist you through the process quickly.

  • With the rebuild of our mall, jobs, places to eat, places to shop are on the rise again within the city and home values have gone up over the last 2 assessments.

  • Our residents have proven over and over that they support their community recently passing a Parks Prop and a Police Prop to maintain their wonderful services. St Ann takes pride in their community.

A ____________ addition to this region could also assist in the Economic Recovery of an area that St Louis has forgotten, and our residents have fought hard to return to its old glory days when Northwest Plaza was the biggest mall in the country, the marketing ideas alone are flowing……………………………….

I sincerely hope you consider our beautiful city for your future opening. Your business would draw from all angles of our region  here in St Louis/St Charles, there are 1.3 million people just in the St Louis Region.


St Ann is best described as being like living in a small town, where your neighbors will say Hi and give you a hand if you ask them, but located in a larger Suburban Area.

Please see the link below for our Business Packet.


Please take a moment to contact Matt Conley our City Administrator 314-427-8009 Ext 1226.


Thank You for your consideration,


As I have a Daughter that is a Teacher, I post this for all the Teachers out there....LOL, I wish for you Snow Days...Lol

Drive like your kids live here...link

St Animal Pet Adoptions (St Animal Pet Adopciones)

General Administration Documents 2013 BT

Amy Poelker

2018 BUDGET Page 271

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