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Born at St John's Hospital, in 1962, we lived in Wellston till I was 4 then moved to Hillsdale on 67th St. for the remainder of my childhood. I graduated Normandy Senior High in 1980. My most influential teachers were my 1st grade, 6th grade, and World History-Mr. Masterson.

     My dad was a laborer for the Teamster's Local 688, many a vacation was spent at Camp Pevely, my love of Horses came from there. My mom was a Homemaker, till the later 70's, then when she did go to work it was with Landmark Bank in Wellston-now known as Regions Bank. She moved to St. Ann shortly after she began working for the Division of Family Services, on Page, where she retired from about 12 years ago. My grandmother spent her entire career working with the General's, at the Federal Record Center Building on Page, Grandma spent her last days with us here in St. Ann, I wouldn’t have missed that last year with her for anything. Funny story – the night before she passed, we were watching a Halloween movie, she got up to go to bed and said, “isn’t that just so special – I can’t believe they put that on TV” We asked what Grandma? She said, “Baby Jesus being born”, with a smile. That was the last time I got to speak with her but such a wonderful memory.

     In high school I played 4 years of Volleyball, did Shot Putt & Discus Throw for Track, and was manager for the Basketball Team (5'4"), I sang high soprano in the choir...Our marching band got to march in the Orange Bowl Parade, and the choir got to sing in the Daytona Band Shell on Daytona Beach, Fl.

     As a child, we spent most of our time shopping at Northwest Plaza-"The biggest and the Best"-if anyone remembers that theme song. NWP use to be the largest mall in the United States at one time. We ate many a meal in the old Woolworth's Cafeteria-I loved that BBQ sandwich.

My 1st job was an Asst. Dispatcher for the Hillsdale Police Dept. at 15 1/2- a summer program the City of Hillsdale participated in, for the youth.

     My favorite job as a teenager though had to be working for the Airway Twin Drive-In. This St. Ann favorite use to be located, where our old Schnucks is now. The people who lived in the house at the back of the drive-in use to take care of it after hours and quite a few of our St. Ann Police Officers got their start in security patrolling the drive-in, kicking out the kids caught hiding in the trunks and keeping the customers safe. What great memories I have from working there. It was a sad day, when me & fellow employees had to clean up for the last time at Airway, we sent her out right though at the end of the night lighting up the billboard & entry way-that we now enjoy nightly as the "Airway Girl" (old Schnucks) sign.

     My best friend met her 1st husband there, and prior to meeting my own husband, I resided with them here in St. Ann on Krem Ct.

     I knew then that this was the area I wanted to bring my own kids up in someday and when I met my, "Mr. Dream Come True......" that is exactly what we have done.

Our concerns then, (I should say mine as my husband graduated Ritenour) were only the school district as the home we located was perfect & of course, I was a Normandy grad. (When I was in school Normandy & Ritenour were at the top of the ladder in schools to attend-and we were very competitive against each other-anyone remember the Wagon Wheel game?)

     We checked out Ritenour and were quite happy with all the information we learned about them, and still are. 

   We moved in April 7th, of 1992. Which is kind of funny as I started work with the Airway Drive-In on April 1st as a teen. April seems to be my renewal month, I guess.

     When I decided to accept the offer to be a Crew Chief with Wendy's Restaurant on Page, I had no idea it would develop into my career for the next 23 yrs. Most do not consider the fast-food manager to be a very educated position.

However, in my time with Wendy's and Hardee's, I attended many Management Training Courses, etc... Being the General Manager, is exactly like running your own business. One has to:

  • develop and meet their own Profit and Loss Statement's(budgets),

  • figure out how to make a profit through proper management of:

  • Labor costs,

  • Food cost's,

  • Repairs & Maintenance,

  • Utilities, etc...

  • The GM must track and maintain their own Inventory,

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable,

  • they are held accountable for their Human Resource skills- hiring, turnover rate,

  • proper paperwork/personnel manual and

  • signage, etc...

  • We are met with Health Inspections Quarterly,

  • Fire Inspections, etc...

  • I even learned a lot about Equipment Maintenance thru talking to my repair men, and

  • Pest Control talking to the guy who performed this for me.

This job was quite the challenge and very fun it incorporated everything, I loved...Math, Staying Busy, People,

-unfortunately an ankle injury (triple break) ended my ability to continue in this field-as if one is to do the job properly, I would compare it to being a Tennis player, constantly switching motion left-right, forward-backward on your feet all day and the ankle just could not handle that any longer. (that's what I get for trying to show off, on my daughter's 1st Kindergarten skate night) 

I get the same rewards in what I do now, just not quite as much running around.


My family, you see them above- 2 beautiful daughters and a husband who is supportive and that I Love with all my heart.

My oldest Stephanie a 1st Grade Teacher at Marvin Elementary, a National Champion with Kentucky Christian University Volleyball 2014, married to Antonio Puzzo with my 2 Grandkids Isabella 4 and James 7 months in this pic above.

My youngest Jessica works in Accts. Payable for Jarrell Construction. She too played Volleyball and her club team placed 7th in the Nation. Her fiancÚ' Kevin Dane is soon to be my son in law! As I said above, my husband is "My Dream Come True..." ask me sometime and I will tell you the story, but it is too long to place here.

However, Yes, he is the 2nd cousin of the St. Louis City-Mayor Poelker, who is probably best known for his days as Comptroller of St. Louis City. Pretty much, if the last name of someone you may know is Poelker, they are related to us.


     I don't know how much more you may want to hear about my life, but as you can tell, I have spent most of it here in St. Ann-one way or another-which is why I care so much to assist in its revival and make sure it never falls short of success again.


     I am not going to pretend like I know everything to do, but I will use our City Administrator, my past experiences and your advice/questions/concerns-to guide my way thru it. I will not be a politician. You cannot say one thing and do another in my book. And if I don't know something I am not afraid to admit it, I will follow up with someone that does know the answer.

     A good leader does not need to know all the answers...but they do have to know how to find them. 

I was once afraid to coach volleyball, i knew how to play it, but not coach it. One of St. Ann's prior swim coaches taught me how to coach it, and that led to leading my own club...

 Thanx Coach Gerke.


I will continue to interact with you on social media, so I can stay in touch and in tune to what you the residents want in a city from the Senior needs to those needs of our younger residents and families.




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 Zoo Member, NRA, KCU, St Ann Alderman in 6th Term - Unopposed last 6 runs, USAV, AAU V, Operation Graduation, Pride & Promise, SAPA, SABA, Ran as a Candidate for St Louis County Council 2x -got 41% of vote. RLAC & Ritenour Parent Advocacy Committees.

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