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A good leader knows that it is not about how much you know but about knowing how to seek out what you do not know, and that every person you come into contact with has the probability of being a learning experience.

The answers may not always be what you want to hear, but your questions and concerns will be addressed.

If its an anonymous need just leave it, it will be forwarded to the correct department to be addressed and I will follow up.


Esta pagina es specificamente para hacer reportes o comentarios anonimos.

Hay un lugar para que deja su nombre y coreo elecontronico si desea,  pero tambien puede reportar o hacer un comentario sin dejar su nombre y coreo electronico.

Un buen lider sabe que no se trata de cuanto sabe, si no saber como encontrar lo que no sabe y que cada persona con quien tienes contacto tiene la probabilidad de ser una experiencia aprendizaje.

Talvez la respuestas no siempre va ser lo que quiere escuchar pero prometo que sus preguntas y preocupaciones van hacer escuchados.

Si es una necesidad anonimo lo puede dejar y yo lo enviare al departamento que corresponde y despues yo seguire.

Vamos a trabajar juntos para hacer la condado de Saint Louis mejor otra vez y volver a traer trabajos a nuestra area.

Tengo google para traducir cualquier pregunta, comentario, o necesidad que tenga.

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Suzanne Jackson Let's NOT really for a candidate who is only running to protect St Ann's ability to make their police department a profit center.

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Amy Poelker

Amy Poelker We don’t all think alike Suzanne had you taken the time to read my site you would have read that both my mom n dad were union. That my daughter is a teacher and my future son in law is union. You cannot judge everyone by association. I will not judge you.

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Suzanne Jackson

Suzanne Jackson What does that have to do with you wanting municipalities to treat their police department like cash registers?

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Amy Poelker

Amy Poelker Suzanne as a 4th class city versus a 3rd class city we Elect our Chief of Police. The only control the board has over the Police Department or Courts is in the Budget. To be honest I moved to St Ann because I knew the Police Dept was tough on crime and did not put up with it entering our city. I am against Red Light and Speed Cameras and proved in my 1st month as an Alderman that we lost an average of 30,000 vehicle counts on Ashby rd with the speed camera which likely hurt the businesses on that road. As an Alderman I learned that the people of St Ann expect the same but also expect the pd to be tough on speed, so their kids do not get hurt on the streets.
I was not in office when the highway program began, however I did also investigate that as well. Unlike all the stories Senator Schmitt is telling in the media....Modot told me that our boys would not be up on that highway if indeed they did not authorize it. 
The year it began it reduced accidents in our section of the highway from 108 to 14 and averages 9-14 pending the years weather still today. Though there was heavy enforcement in the beginning that had been reduced 3 years ago. On the average 250 really bad people are caught on that highway yearly.
We have officers that are assigned with the DEA and the ATF which work to eliminate the number of Drugs and Guns that come into our area illegally. My ward in particular connects to the highway. Before the highway detail very often drug deals would be done in the residential area right off Cypress...this practice has stopped. Back to the accidents...every-time an accident occurs our guys have to go up on the highway to aid in clean up and traffic control, this takes them off of my residential streets giving crime an open time frame to occur. 
I would gladly turn over the patrol of our highways to the MHP should they choose to add more than 4 officers to the highways from Rolla to St Louis. Why our Governor feels that 4 cars from Rolla to St Louis is enough to patrol a 2.5-hour time distance is beyond my comprehension. No way 4 officers over that many miles can maintain/reduce speed, drugs, guns, etc in our state.
With the recent family who was hit by the car driven by the driver who overdosed....you are correct In that I will back up any and all officers trying to Protect our city and Yours.
But there is a much larger reason I run for the district 2 seat in St Louis County and that is to do my part in preventing Better Together. Better Together is not just about the elimination of municipal police departments but fire departments, public works departments, parks departments and local school districts as well. 
Whether you have kids in school or not, I cannot imagine you would prefer a system like that of Chicago's that is now 70 Million dollars in debt that you would have to pay taxes on to up keep.
If you actually go to my site and check thru some of the links on my Against Better Together page you will see that it is cheaper to run our current governmental systems because BT left out .5 million dollars out of their figures in the indy study- and some links showing and personal insights showing how Louisville's combination works as well. Though I am not saying that some of the munis would not benefit from combining services, I do defend the right of its citizens to make that decision for themselves. and do not feel it is the job of Government to decide for us how we want to live. 
Governments job is to serve the people and this is what i have done for my citizens and would do as the St Louis County Councilperson should I get in. Kathy Burkett I believe was the person in this spot before the current councilman and did a much better job at it. She would have never let Better Together eliminate the lowest level of government of the people, and i believe was well loved by police and fire, based on what i saw at her funeral.
if you prefer Better Together then re-elect the current councilman, if you do not prefer Better Together then give me a shot.....I suspect that many of those who prefer Better Together will attack me during the campaign, I have been fighting this for 2.5 years....but as you hopefully see now it's not just because of the pd but everything that BT will do to how we live today. The People will not have a voice in their Government if Better Together succeeds.

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Amy Poelker There are pro's n con's to everything. You can choose to judge a book by its cover or you can open the book to explore what’s inside. 
I am an 1/8 vote but one of 2 Republicans to hold office in North County period and gain the trust of 13000 residents. If you are FOR Better Together then you are right don't support me, but if you Prefer Local Government, if you prefer Local School Districts, etc...... Then i am your best pick. Read my website and decide for yourself. Www.amypoelker2.com 
Now the ball is in your court.



Amy Poelker for St Louis County Council District 2


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Rhea Nicole Brooks

Rhea Nicole Brooks How did a republican get on my news feed? And how did a woman choose to be a republican?

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Amy Poelker

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Reuben Roy This too will fail. Just like Northwest Plaza and Walmart left Racist St Ann cops kill business. Black Dollars Matter


All are welcome in St Ann sir, Walmart was always in Bridgeton and was policed by them.

As far as the mall goes, we see today that NWP was just the 4th mall to go down in a series of mall losses.... Riverroads, Northland, Jamestown, NWP, Crestwood, The Mills (when this opened it finalized the failure of NWP) and if you take a look around Chesterfield- It is being hurt tremendously by the new outlet malls.

People have changed the way they shop. When I grew up, in Hillsdale, there were still quite a few stay at home moms, so while dad was at work, we were always out and about shopping at one of the 1st 4 malls mentioned above or we would go downtown on the bus because mom did not drive to Famous Barr especially during the Christmas Season.

Shopping in those years was a form of entertainment and let’s face it back then there were many forms of entertainment in North County that are no longer here either.

Shopping today is no longer for entertainment but just to get what you need and go.

 People don’t have the time nor money to shop for fun. Many things have led to this, two income families, the move to make shopping available on Sundays, but likely the biggest failure on the part of our St Louis County Government...was not to recognize that while they were spending all of their time developing west and south counties.... North County was losing all of its jobs for people to work at and our County Government did nothing to assist in changing this.

North County lost 5 huge malls and all the jobs to go with them, we lost the Ford Plant and all its jobs...etc. etc. etc.

St Louis County has a huge Economic Development Team what have they done for us?

How many decades are we supposed to be able to support our families within.... with no jobs and the cost of gas rising and for those on the bus lines, the constant increases in rider fees!

When we started our rebuilding project of the plaza in 2012...The County Government was trying to stop it!

I am running for St Louis County Council sir and one promise I can make for sure, is that I will work with Hazel Erby to change the Economic State of North County as I did here in St Ann when I got into office 5 years ago. You can say what you want about St Ann but one thing for sure.... We have brought JOBS back into our area.

Keep track of our St Ann Business Association Facebook page or one of my pages.... we post those job openings so people know they are out there.

The way i see it and this is how i saw St Ann 5 years ago, We can continue to harp on the past and our failures or we can Stand Up and make a difference into the future Now for our kids and grandkids.... I choose to work to make a difference, hope you and others will join me in this fight.

DeMarco Bolton I keep seeing your ads come across my news feed so I have a question for you what are you doing about the St.Ann police department still harassing and profiting off minorities
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Amy Poelker Sir the 1st thing I would need is for someone who has been harassed to file a complaint. Now I have had 3 people in my 5 years contact me and they feared filing a complaint in person so I mailed them copies of the complaint form with instructions to have it notarized before they send it in.
in the meantime 3 years ago we elected a new police chief. Our new chief Jimenez is well know and loved throughout the community.
Chief Jimenez puts his heart and soul into his job. The Chief out of his own pocket quite often donates to events and people who need help in our town. Like our most recent event when we had a family of 3 hit by a heroin addict who died while driving, the chief put in 200.00 towards that family, and thats only 1 of 50+ i have witnessed.
Our chief reinstated the DARE Program in our 2 elementarys, put in place a Dare/Sro Program at our Junior High and When other community departments could no longer Place officers in our High School, St Ann Pd went in there(even though they are not in our jurisdiction) and when we did the fights and incidents in the school reduced to 4 in the first year and this past year the last time the dog went through the school, no drugs were found at all. One of our officers even coaches for girls softball which has gone to state the last 2 years in a row.
on top of all of this our chief instituted a Neighborhood Watch program with well over 950+ residents active in reporting suspicious activity in our city.
now one thing you must realize is in St Ann we elect our chief of police...this means the people of our community hold his job in our hands and not the mayor. here lies the difference between our city and most others Our chief has to care what we think because we elect him.
Now as far as what I can do as an alderman to control what my chief does...Nothing....as an elected official our board of alderman and mayor hold no authority over our chief. 
However, I would be happy to set up a meeting with you, myself and the chief so we can sit down and discuss your accusation, figure out what individual you may be speaking of and having our Police Commissioners and IA Officer Barry review the information and make a decision on it.
as far as profiting off minorities if you review the Attorney Generals report...St Ann pulls over more white than black and there were at least 4 other municipalities south of us that pulled over more cars than we did.
When i got in office in 2011 I did follow up with Modot as to whether or not our pd was allowed to be up on the highway and they assured me that the pd would not be up there if they had not authorized it because Modot is responsible for their safety as well.
As you can see Modot has done it again and asked Wentzville pd to do the same in Wentzville.
Now if you want to talk Red Light Cameras and Speed Cameras I personally have participated in pushing the end of these programs. So if they come to a vote make sure you vote NO.
Now understand me clearly, I am not saying this never happens out there...but what i am saying is to help stop it...I need the victims help

Amy Poelker Glad to hear my ads keep popping up btw. You know in the County the pd is at the will of the Executive. So on a side note I ask you....there must be a way we can all come together and respect each other again. Maybe it can start with you and me. Would be happy to do coffee and donuts and talk it out.

Paul Vlaich Not sure that each muni is not going to do what is best for there muni as opposed to the entire region. Where do you stand on the Maryland Heights project?

Personally I believe there is a time and a place for Tifs. Like in the case of our Northwest Plaza, with the amount of asbestos and black mold etc underground with that site no developer would have ever touched it. You see Coldwater Creek ran under the development so besides the asbestos and black mold removal, a completely new sewer system had to be built and large enough to move that creek when it was at its fullest. Our developer put millions of dollars into the ground that no one will ever see. It truly was a blighted development.

Tifs are set up so that even if say - St Louis County said No, the city can take it on by themselves and still continue with the project, this is because the County and Munis are equal under the State in authority.

To say that a muni would never make the right decision is a stretch…. our city said No to a Walmart Tif when the Bridgeton Walmart (it was only on 7% of St Ann land) was looking to move.

Now the Governor just signed a new Tif bill that requires munis to work with their neighbors….it is effective in St Louis County, St Charles County and Jefferson County.

It is a good bill (minus of course the fact that it only affects 3 counties in the State vs the entire State). This bill I believe will have direct impact on the Maryland Heights project.

The bulk of the recently approved (by St Louis County) Soccer Complex near Creve Coeur Park will be used to build the ground level so that it does not flood out. Wow!

That all being said…I wouldn’t give Kroenke a dime but it will not be my decision to make, ultimately Maryland Heights will have to make that decision and there will be many studies they will be required to do before it gets to this point. You can follow them here: http://mplakedistrict.com/

As far as any votes that may come before me on it, just as I have done for the last 5 years in St Ann. I will push info out to the people, ask their opinion and vote the Will of the People. As a matter of fact, my new Phone App will be quite helpful in building an even broader reach of audience. https://youcanalwayscallonamy.appsme.com

Pasha Nixon Does that include interracial and gay families?
Amy Poelker Yes Pasha my brother is LGBT i have been to the Pride Parade, i took my kids to it with my brother to show family support and i cant even count the number of interracial people i know or have worked for as i run a daycare or who worked for me when i ran restaurants. Or who i have worked with as a Alderman in my city. Society changes and a real leader needs to be open to change with it. I graduated in 1980 and it was a whole different world. Look to the high schools now and you don't see the social division on these issues like there was in the past. This is a good thing as they are our future leaders.
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Pasha Nixon Good, thank you!

I wanted to share this information with you, to assist you in finding information on what you or maybe your kid could do beyond school to achieve a NICE PAYING job.
As I understand it, an apprentice will start at a good wage, right out of high school.
When you graduate you graduate with 40-45 College Credit Hours, and apparently, they have a program to help you complete your degree if you choose to go that route. Great benefits and in this particular union, they do a variety of work... HERE is where there is a lot of job growth currently as the Baby Boomers are aging out and it is getting more difficult to find people in these fields.
Lack of laborers affects us all...
Have you tried to get something fixed and were told it would take 2 weeks to get someone to you.
This is why - the industry needs more workers.
Think about it, if you are in need.
These jobs once trained pay extremely well!

HIGH HILL, MO. 63350


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