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Our Schools and the Voucher Program…

For years, I have been saying that no one thought about the future of parks, streets etc. and how they would be maintained into the future and we have come to the crossroads of decide or fall back….

But now we have before us a new loophole, one that must be addressed by everyone one of us young or old, weak or strong, care or don’t care… Most of us never thought this would become reality.

OUR SCHOOLS are going to be needing our support, strength, positive words, and strong parenting more than ever…or literally we will see a change not just in which schools exist but in the healthy maintenance of our Communities as well.

Communities were built around schools and for the most part people do still decide where they will live and raise their kids based on the Strength of the School District.

In the next session or the one thereafter we are likely to see a School Voucher Program passed by our State Legislative Body personally due to a personal experience when I was young I have never been in favor of this program. But realize it will become a reality that we must prepare for now.

Some of us may be sitting back and thinking Yah Great, while others see no reason to worry or be concerned about this it’s just the school’s problem.This is wrong, it is an issue that will affect every school district and its community in the state and ours as well.

In a Voucher Program, the student may go to any school district that their parents can transport them to, however the Tax Dollars that would normally stay with our Districts will also leave with them to go to the school district they choose to attend.

Pattonville residents imagine 100 parents decide to go elsewhere at $13,000 per kid that would hit the schools budget by 1.3 million dollars or 20 Teachers.

Ritenour residents imagine 100 parents decide to go elsewhere at $9,000 per kid that would hit the schools budget by $900,000. or 15-20 Teachers.

This could cause many unintended consequences to current school districts through loss of funds, now there is nothing to say that others will not choose to come to our districts as well. However, this will still change the makeup of the district and its funding pending on where the child comes from and how much their current school district receives for them, and what rules/criteria may be put in place with this program to prevent overcrowding etc.…

Let me say that I am not totally versed on how all the above will work

What I do suggest is that those of us with kids in school find out, and find out what we can do to maintain our school districts strength so our property values or taxes are not affected by this change in how money is managed in the schools. And bring this information to city meetings, so our BOA can learn about the expected effects and how we may help.

It is imperative that we boost a positive reputation around our School Districts, this too affects communities for that matter.

 I stated on a previous post that I felt our police dept plays a pertinent role in the progress/success of our school districts…here is how/why I believe this.

We all know the St Ann Police Dept is and has been Community oriented forever… these same skills are utilized in both of our school districts through our SRO and DARE Programs these officers build positive relationships with our kids in grades K-5, grades 6-8 and over the last 3 years our guys have had the pleasure of working with the Ritenour High School students and have made a huge impact in the daily lives of the students as well as staff at the High School. From personal experience, I can tell you that a typical day at the High School involved at least one fight and once our officers got involved in the 1st year there were only a total of 4 fights… Wow!!!

As a member of the Ritenour Legislative Action Committee, we were taught about the criteria for Accreditation of a School District.

The Number One way we as Parents can help the School Districts stay strong is simply through


The schools are required to have 90% Attendance of 90% of the students in each building. This amounts to missing no more than 15-17 days find out from the school to be sure.

I reiterate… this will affect every household in every city/county in the State.

We must take a realistic look at what we can do now to make sure our Districts are Strong and desired.

Personally, I have been extremely happy with my district which is Ritenour. And am very pleased with the results Pattonville are showing as well.

Keep an eye on this one


Westlake Landfill



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12/1/15 this mayor is a true leader

Stenger's Police Standards Ordinance Judges Final Order ie: Not Constitutional

1st Speech on Stenger's Bill
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This was my 1st email to our County Council Person. There was no response till a week later when I explained that if he did not respond to my email requests that I would indeed put in a newsletter that is mailed to every household and business, to 13,000 residents that their County Council Person did not even answer their Alderman. There were an additional 15-30 other residents that had told me they emailed their council person with NO RESPONSE either.





of course he failed to reply, so I took off to attend the meeting

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