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Realestate info St Louis County here you can find out your home values assessed values and tax info.

Link to Pay your Home and Car taxes online.

Composite Tax Rates:  127 - RR - 2018
Taxing AuthorityRes.Com.Agr.Per.Man.
State of Missouri0.03000.03000.03000.03000.0300
County General0.19500.19800.15700.20900.2090
County Health Fund0.13100.13300.10500.14000.1400
County Park Maintenance0.04600.04700.03800.05000.0500
County Bond Retire0.01900.01900.01900.01900.0190
Roads and Bridges0.09800.09900.07900.10500.1050
St. Louis Community College0.21290.21290.21290.21290.2129
Special School District1.19801.19801.19801.19801.1980
Metropolitan Zoo Museum District0.27240.27240.27240.27240.2724
County Library0.23400.25900.21700.22500.2250
School - Ritenour5.87166.16890.00005.42615.4261
Metropolitan Sewer District0.11700.11700.11700.11700.1170
Fire - Community2.40002.41300.00002.42502.4250
City of St Ann1.41001.41000.00001.41000.0000
Dev. Disability - Productive Living Board0.08400.08900.07000.09000.0900
Total Tax Rates >>12.318912.66622.515311.929410.5194
Additional Charges *
Commercial Surcharge$1.70
Sewer Lateral Fee$28.00

Agr. = Agricultural Com. = Commercial Man. = Manufacturing
Per. = Personal Property Res.  = Residential  

* Additional charges are not calculated in the total tax rate.
Per one hundred dollars of assessed value.

2017 = 1.41 for St Ann

On this page I will attempt to keep up to date current info that may affect your real estate or personal property taxes and the current chart from St. Louis County, so that you can make good decisions with your families income.

We are in the St Louis County Counsil District 2 and the Airport Township. DEM    REP


Check below for the latest announcements for upcoming elections. There are now links on both the left and right side of pages for specific information by type.


Please note pages 53 and 54 for the St. Ann Prop P and the West Overland Fire Dist. tax proposals




On this pdf link you can locate numbers for the tax the city sets at the committee meeting at the end of sept., typically stl cty has numbers they put out around 9/15 that are accurate enough to count on when deciding this % amt. the dollar amt to go with this % can be located on the cities budget under realestate revenue.  hope this helps clear up this question on taxing.




17- 125,055,650
17c- 23,518,661
tot- 148,574,311 x.01416


c 235,186.610

Composite Tax Rates:  127 - RR - 2016
Taxing AuthorityRes.Com.Agr.Per.Man.
State of Missouri0.03000.03000.03000.03000.0300
County General0.20600.20500.17900.20900.2090
County Health Fund0.13800.13700.12000.14000.1400
County Park Maintenance0.04900.04900.04300.05000.0500
County Bond Retire0.01900.01900.01900.01900.0190
Roads and Bridges0.10300.10300.09000.10500.1050
St. Louis Community College0.21850.21850.21850.21850.2185
Special School District1.24091.24091.24091.24091.2409
Metropolitan Zoo Museum District0.27950.27950.27950.27950.2795
County Library0.24600.26300.24500.22500.2250
School - Ritenour5.69305.93950.00005.01215.0121
Metropolitan Sewer District0.11960.11960.11960.11960.1196
Fire - Community1.86301.86300.00001.86301.8630
City of St Ann0.51600.46200.00000.19300.0000
Sheltered Workshop0.08800.09000.07900.09000.0900
Total Tax Rates >>10.809511.01902.66359.79469.6016
Additional Charges *
Commercial Surcharge$1.70
Sewer Lateral Fee$10.00

Agr. = AgriculturalCom. = CommercialMan. = Manufacturing
Per. = Personal PropertyRes.  = Residential 

* Additional charges are not calculated in the total tax rate.
Per one hundred dollars of assessed value.

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2019 Liquor Licenses

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