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Please review the last page of the yearly budgets to see Board Approved Expenses by Departments.


2018 Budget


Police Information Link here

Parks Prop Tracking

To Locate Federal Forfeiture received and budgeted look here

Page 30 of monthly financial report.  2017 Budget Law Enforcement Fund Intergovernmental $44,000 revenue.
Profit/Loss Statements
Show us where city sits
Typically one month behind

Nov 2016 Profit/Loss

2016 Year End Profit/Loss

Jan 2017 P&L

Feb 2017 P&L

MARCH 2017 P & L

April 2017 P & L

MAY 2017 P & L

JUNE 2017 P & L

2017 JULY P & L

Monthly Expenses
These show us charges for items purchased

Dec 2016

Jan 2017

Feb 2017

Mar 2017

April 2017

May 2017

June 2017

JULY 2017

In Light of the fact the the BOA has changed the meeting notes distribution to the public so that you get to see everything we see before our meetings, I will place the instructions on how to do that here and you can access those notes monthly yourselves vs me repeating what you can do yourselves here.
See instructions below.....

Dear Residents,

The Board of Aldermen have changed the procedure for posting the Monthly Agenda's on the City Website.
You will see everything the BOA see's in their monthly meeting packets.
If you have any questions or concerns you should contact your Alderman before the meetings and/or inbetween the Committee and Alderman Meetings which are held the last Monday of the Month for Committee (please be aware that these notes provide you with information we are discussing however not all of the items on the agenda's ever see the light of day on a vote, hearing your voices on this agenda is important to determine agenda outcome)
the alderman meeting is the 1st Monday of the Month unless that Monday is a Holiday. (these are the items we actually vote on).
If you sign up on the city website for reminders the reminders for the meetings with the agendas will be sent directly to your email    otherwise -------

Below find instructions on how to find our Agenda's on the City Website.

City Main Page

click on Event Calendar
click on Board of Alderman Meeting link under the date on the right

that takes you to this page where you will find the Agenda PDF in the bottom right to click and download

How to read the Monthly Percents for Tracking +/-

2018 Jan, Feb, Mar Actuals Summary

Review 2008-2016 Revenues and Expenses to see flow of money.



Questions and Answers View on Prop S 2017 Please pay particular ATTENTION to the last Question and Answer where you have it in writing that the previous TDD will be eliminated as soon as it pays itself off at which time the sales tax will be reduced by .75


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General Administration Documents 2013 BT


The Constitution Center - Constitution Page

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2018 BUDGET Page 271