The Crossings at Northwest

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Here see what our Board of Alderman with the assistance of our Community has Accomplished!

As of May 2019
The Crossings at Northwest 7 yrs in the making.

So what can an Alderman really do to promote Economic Development?
     Honestly, in a 4th Class City there is really very little that an Alderman can do to bring businesses into the City.
The City does not own any of the land that the businesses are on, and Government cannot and should not tell a landowner who they must sell/rent their properties to.
     As a matter of fact, the Realestate Market is so competitive for these land owners that they do not even tell the City what they are working on till the Contract is signed, unless a zoning change is required. In the case of "The Crossings at Northwest" zoning was set up to include all types, giving the Developer the capability to negotiate deals without Government intrusion, at least from our end. But the TIF was set up to ensure the city would not be on the hook, if the developer failed to work to fill his property.
     If the landowners cannot or will not look for businesses to fill their locations, there is really very little to be done.
     Unfortunately the State of Mo. offers tax credits for empty spaces which actually encourages land owners to keep their properties empty. In some cases other businesses buy up leases to ensure competition does not enter into the market.

So in 2011, St Ann elected a new Mayor and 3 new Alderman.
With the circumstances described above, we had to get creative to turn around the presumed destiny of the city.
We started an Economic Development Committee to bring in ideas from not just residents but some outside minds as well, including representatives from the County Economic Dept, BiState, etc. From this process and with the assistance of our State Rep at the time a developer was found.
A Tif was created and it was now up to the developer to work to make his property a success.
Our residents did not understand that we could not force businesses to rent/sell their properties....So,
Something lacking in St Ann, in my opinion was a Business Association. In my thoughts this association could assist businesses in Marketing, Small Business Training tips, Employment advertising and generally work to help the businesses to succeed once found.
I was able to sell this idea to the BOA and Mayor, it was determined that No One in a Government position would be trusted by businesses in a business association, so I sought out someone to be President and Run the Association totally separate of the City.
The business association had a rocky start as well, but they incorporated some residents and eventually became a huge Marketer through Social Media for what was going on in St Ann, who was hiring and when they could figure it out through watching permits...who was coming to St Ann. Though it's original purpose has not been met, by engaging the Community to invest in it's recovery we have seen much success in St Ann today.
Businesses are not just entering at the Crossings but throughout the city, Unemployment is down 6%, the median household income has grown from $35,000 to $44,000/household. Both of our school districts are seeing success. Pattonville is in the top 20 in the state and Ritenour's Accreditation has grown from 71% to 88%. With stronger School Districts we are seeing an increase in occupancy. We were voted the 7th Safest City in the State of Mo. 2018 and we are the 17th most Diverse City in the State. Our assessments have risen over the last 6 yrs - up, up, up!

When Raising Cane's Opened it was their busiest restaurant in the St Louis Region. To my knowledge today it still is.
When Starbuck's finally decided they would try a St Ann Location, they only set up a 1 year lease, that was June of 2017...again one of their highest performing restaurants in St Louis.
When First Watch came to the Crossings at Northwest, they were unsure of their location as well. On Mother's Day I spoke with the manager, and if she could she would open up a wall to add more seating.

Some wonder why it's not a mall any longer. The truth is as we all are aware now, that mall's are a dying brand due in some part to online shopping.
When we set up the particulars of the Crossings, it was purposefully done to have about 20% Shopping and Restaurants and the rest Business Offices. Thus the Office workers would add shoppers to the area and assist in maintaining the shopping and restaurants.

Raising Canes Strongest Open in StL Region
7/31/17 Canes totes it busiest location still in St Ann


Bob's Discount Furniture Opened in February 2017

Election Board, WorkForce Dev, Assessor's
Forced upon us by the County, Government pays no taxes

Charter Spectrum Call Center

Charter Spectrum Call Center

Cardinal Health Call Center

Sav A Lot's Corporate Office Location 2018

Jack in the Box

International Welcome Center opened 8/17/17


Opened 1/30/18

Opens May 28, 2018

St Timothy/St Charles Rk Rd


Menards opened in 2015

Rulers opened MAY 21, 2015

Starbuck's Opened June 2017

Gen 3 QT

Regions Bank opened in 2016

Charter's Training Area

Charter's Training Center

Sprint Opened 10/31/16

Aldi's Opened May 2017 Cypress/St Charles Rk Rd

Opened 1/31/18
St Ann Ln/Ashby Rd

Corporate Offices 2018

opening August 2019
This one I totally brought to St Ann

This addition leaves only one location still avail
Welcome to St. Ann - Fitness Edge

Oct 2018

Social Media:

Breaking Ground for Aldi's

Burger King Remodel reopened Jan 2019


10/5/17 real work began
thx to resident who took pic

We Rock the Spectrum - Kids Gym


Manhattan Antique Marketplace


In-between Shell & Quik Wok is a building to be determined, having a empty lot that has sat empty for 20+yrs reflects the faith businesses are beginning to have in St Ann


Also the Car Wash near Ashby & Litz is being renovated for future businesses.

Schnucks purchased the entire Shop N Save Property, renovated and unfortunately closed it on May 5th.

A market and laundromat on June

A Senior Day Care

A market and Deli named 5 Star or Rk Rd

Mobil on the Run at St Gregory/Rk Rd

Doc's Towing

Fitness Edge

Other Additions over last 7 years...


Value City Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture


Quik Trip


Raising Cane’s

First Watch


Gateway Grill

Ruler Food’s

Region’s Bank Stand Alone

Cardinal Health

ASI Food Safety

CIOX Health, LLC

Hillard K Cohen, Inc

e-Cover Me, Inc

Customer Direct LLC

RGH Enterprises, Inc

First Round CSWR, LLC

Charles Huber

Metro Medical Equipment & Supply

Monaco & Badihi, DDS,PC

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon’s, Inc

Prime America Financial Services

First Rate Field Services

Repair Defense Network

Health System Hospital’s Inc

St Louis County Election’s Board

St Louis County Assessor’s Satellite Office

St Louis County Work Force Development Office

Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum Training Center

St Vincent DePaul

Walgreens rebuild

Family Dollar

Aaron Rent's

Best Catering

Best Dance Center & Talent

Bombay Food Junkies

Brooks Bible Institute

Family Video

Firme Estilo Salon LLC

Guarded Heart Bible College

Open Arms Adult Daycare

Sweet Spot

Andrew's Bayou BBQ

St Animal Pet Adoption's Store

Bus Loop Burger

Dollar Plus

Lava Salon

Lady Jane's in the Crossings soon

Captain D's upgrade

McDonald's upgrade

Burger King upgrade soon

ATA Tae Kwando

STL Youth Sports Outreach

Dollar General

Waffle House


Urgent Care

Manhattan Antique Mall

St Ann Business Link

Just look at how many vendors that have been brought to St. Ann Park to participate in our Food Truck Events!

This event has been turned over to the City Parks Department, adding it to our Party in the Parks Concert Line Up!!!


1) Harvest Xpress
2) Deli On ...A Roll
3) Wayno's International Mobile Cuisine
4) Bombay Food Junkies
5) Vincent Van Doughnut
6) Tastebudz Express
7) Totally Toasted
8) Kona Ice
9) Blues Fired Pizza
10) Treats Unleashed
11) St Louisiana Q
12) Street Life Mobile
13) Angie Burger
14) Wing Nut
15) Que Sazon
16) Guerilla Street Food
17) Russo's Trucktoria
18) Taco Truck STL
19) Sarah's Cake Stop
20) Destination Desserts
21) The Southerner
22) Mel's Food Truck
23) Sia's Italian Ice

24) Cardinal Nation 
25) Andrew's Bayou BBQ
26) The Sweet Divine 
27) Sybergs on Wheels ...

28) Twisted Taco

Dear _______________,

Have you thought about the benefits of expanding near the St Louis International Airport?

St Ann would be a great location in-between both St Charles County and St Louis City and just across the street from Lambert International Airport, located within St Louis County.

With the renovation of our mall, businesses are finding it has been well worth their time and money to invest here.

Starbucks opened with its strongest open on June 2017, to date it is their best performing location in St Louis after only signing a 1 year lease to start, 18 months later they are still here and running strong and Raising Canes now open 2+ years, still toting its highest volume restaurant in the region, at The Crossings at Northwest, which has been renovated to entertain 2/3 business and 1/3 retail. Even Aeneas Williams (Previous Rams Player) opened his church in the old Toys R Us building and Charter Spectrum (600ees), the St Louis County Election Board+smaller County offices (300 ees), American Family Insurance 2018 (600 ees), Save A Lot Corporate Office 2018 (450+ees), Cardinal Healthcare plus other call centers are located right here. First Watch opened in May 2018, I asked the Manager how they were doing on 7/29/18 and they are quite happy with their location. This model promotes success as the business employees tend to supply the retail/food businesses, we have found that our anchor store, Menards-attracts from a 20-mile radius. The traffic counts on our main strip, St Charles Rock Road (Mo180) are up, up, up! Just in the immediate trade area we have a pool of 50,000 to attract to your location. We have two great school districts Ritenour and Pattonville - (Pattonville is rated top 20 in the State). We have seen interest in our out lying business property’s as well, with a Dollar General, We Rock the Spectrum-Kids Gym and a Waffle House opening soon as well and an Aldi’s that opened in 2017, an Urgent Care and the Manhattan Antique Mall opened Nov. 2018. And an empty lot of some 20 years land owner has begun construction of a White Box, showing faith to attract a business to our city. Our State has recognized our increased traffic counts and between 2019-2021 have scheduled a complete renovation with ADA updates to our main strip St Charles Rock Road.

St Ann, is a Gem in a Central Location of the region. Located just off Highway 70 at Cypress Rd or Lindbergh exits and just 5 min from the Airport we are literally just 20 minutes from anywhere in the St Louis/St Charles Region. St Ann was built in the early 40’s right after WWII by the Vatterott’s and the Schraeder’s. Many of our original home owners still reside here in St Ann. In 2018, we are celebrating our 70th Anniversary. Our city hosts many events, including in September the St Ann Days and Parade. We find the Parade is a great way to promote FREE Advertising for our Businesses to the residents…

  • Six Beautiful parks well maintained,

  • A strong police force in place to ensure safety and security with a 2-minute average response time. Here in St Ann you will often see people walking for exercise or walking their dogs.

  • Our own St Animal Pets Adoption Program, with a large group of volunteers which prides itself in maintaining our no kill shelter.

  • Just elected as Missouri’s 4th POW-MIA city.

  • Both of our School Districts have strong teachers doing great work and are seeing an influx of kindergartners at the start each year, requiring them to get creative in adding classrooms.

  • Our Board of Alderman are innovative and regional thinkers ready to take on your project with an open mind and assist you through the process quickly.

  • With the rebuild of our mall, jobs, places to eat, places to shop are on the rise again within the city and home values have gone up over the last 2 assessments.

  • Our residents have proven over and over that they support their community recently passing a Parks Prop and a Police Prop to maintain their wonderful services. St Ann takes pride in their community.

  • St Ann residents understand that they must keep their Businesses interests in mind as well, they refused to allow a USE Tax to be passed within our borders.

  • St Ann also hosts Food Truck Events in our Parks for the last 5 years now. We have 9-13 Trucks in May, June, July August, October and other than a rainy day the Food Trucks are very happy with their results and typically sell out. One of your employees told me, are the best event you serve.

A _________________ addition to this region could also assist in the Economic Recovery of an area that St Louis has forgotten-it’s Northwest County, and our residents have fought hard to return to its old glory days when Northwest Plaza was the biggest mall in the country, the marketing ideas alone are flowing

_________________ would be a great fit in this area being in the center of this region yet just 5 minutes from the Airport could be a great advantage for your Company, while ensuring convenience for your employees in distance to and from work. Your price points would work well in the area, especially with the number of business employee’s we have located in the Crossings, with the addition of American Family Insurance and Sav A Lot’s Corporate Offices we will have close to 3500 jobs up there and that doesn’t even include the Pattonville Office and Junior High right across the street. Many of the residents I speak with would like to see a business like ______________, as they __________________________________________________


I sincerely hope you consider our beautiful city for your future location. Our location would benefit many of possible future employees of your company with our ease of getting to for those with and without transportation due to its central location.


St Ann is best described as being like living in a small town, where your neighbors will say Hi and give you a hand if you ask them, but located in a larger Suburban Area.

Please see the link below for our Business Packet.

Please take a moment to contact Matt Conley our City Administrator 314-427-8009 Ext 1226. We can find you the necessary space for your location.

Our developer at The Crossings at Northwest is Bob Glarner he can be reached at 314-865-5700 or

There is a great spot right in between First Watch and Sprint… which is next to Starbucks.

You can also contact Dave at for one of the many Vatterott properties within the city.

Our City Administrator can assist you with information for any of our other local developers.

Thank You for your consideration,


Alderman Amy Poelker


3459 Mary Ann Ct.

St. Ann, Mo. 63074


Vote by Council on Crossings/Election Board issue. Conversation occurs at 17:30 explaining the process, vote later in video at 43:51 Dooley began the process. The vote was 5 yes 1 no with 1 absent. Each Councilman gave their opinion on this project, so listen to their words. Now they hold hearings on this project and tell the media they were duped. Why were they duped? Did they not read and understand the Contract as they should, they are tasked with protecting our taxpayer dollars?







Sprint in Mini Strip Opened 10/31/16

Corporate Office 2018

SAV A LOT is their Corporate Office located in old JC Penny building

2018 TIF Agreement BUDGET Page 271

TIF NOTES 11/11/17

Why St Ann-A

EMAIL Amy click here

Municipal Links to their Website and Services




The Constitution Center - Constitution Page

 Zoo Member, NRA, KCU, St Ann Alderman in 5th Term - Unopposed last 4 runs, USAV, AAU V, Operation Graduation, Pride & Promise, SAPA, SABA, Ran as a Candidate for St Louis County Council-got 41% of vote. RLAC & Ritenour Parent Advocacy Committees.

Paid for by Amy Poelker.